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Saturday pop-up

11 Jun

Last Saturday Carolina Blue (remember this lovely shop?) hosted a delightful pop-up flower market,  named “Field of Dreams”, which was organised by the lovely Carolina Carrasco + Marianne Krauss of The Treasures.

Saturday in Barcelona: flower market at Carolina Blue

Flower crowns

During the morning hours gorgeous flower crowns were made, and pretty flowers and plants in lovely pots or (hanging) bundles were displayed and sold.

And in the afternoon and evening, great tunes were played by Rhys and his band, while visitors enjoyed a glass (or two) of bubbly fruit cocktail, and a couple of  little boys twirled away on their impromptu dance floor to the delight of their mothers and other onlookers. It was a truly charming event, the likes of which I hope will repeat itself across Barcelona often!

Saturday in Barcelona: flower market at Carolina Blue

Great players

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