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9 May

What do you think of when you see this teapot, coat rack and books? What kind of place does that suggest? Well, let me give you a hint: it’s where customers are treated like family, and it’s called Ramona.

At Ramona you can also get some fizz in your vermouth, the walls are decorated with quirky artworks and the WC is truly, officially unisex.

Curious? Then head to Carrer Roger de Flor 262 and find out what Ramona has to offer for breakfast, lunch or dinner, both inside, in it’s cosy cafe, and outside on its terrace.

Good coffee, the traditional Spanish way; delicious flautas for a savoury bite in the morning; tapas, hot and cold, and yummie dishes of the day. Just check their blackboards for inspiration.

Dishes (heavy on Catalan influences) are prepared in a tiny kitchen by Ramona‘s friendly cook, and brought to you with a smile or saucy comment by Cristina or Angela, the joint proprietors.

Ramona opened just a few weeks ago, and already customers are on a first-name basis with these friendly chicks. That’s the kind of place Ramona is. A great addition to this corner of Barcelona’s Eixample, and bound to be a success, thanks to their finger-licking food delights.

Ramona is open every day of the week, so get off the beaten track and check them out. For more info, and updates, have a look at their Facebook page, here. Bon apetit!

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