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BCN Handmade – Oscar H. Grand

28 Nov copyright: Lisette van de Graaf
copyright: Lisette van de Graaf

Oscar H. Grand

Today, I am very happy to introduce to you Oscar H. Grand, a charming guy and an excellent tailor who operates out of the shop he has in the Born, on Carrer Barra de Ferro 7.

I met him through a mutual friend, and often run into him on the street, and one day asked him if he would like to be featured in the BCN Handmade section of my blog. To my delight, he said yes, and so last week I visited him at the shop, and in between client enquiries and fittings, shot the images I share with you today.

copyright: Lisette van de Graaf

In progress

Oscar works in a completely artisanal way, where each item of clothing he sells in the shop, be it bespoke or ready-made, is made by hand. It starts with the patterns, followed by the cutting of the fabrics, interlinings, etc. and finally the pieces are assembled by hand to form the creations  he has on display, or which his clients commission from him. Pattern making and cutting is done by Oscar himself, right there, in his shop, while the sewing is done by specialised tailors and seamstresses who work off-site.

Using high quality fabrics imported from Italy and the UK mostly (unfortunately the Spanish textile sector has all but closed down), Oscar applies his craftsmanship to the unique and timeless garments he designs and creates. True contemporary classics, which are full of charming details, and of course made to perfection for each client.

But see for yourself, in the following slideshow, and afterwards, Oscar will tell you in his own words about his work…

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