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Weekend weather

26 Apr
Barcelona's Spring cloudy skies

Passeig de Colom

Spring in Barcelona can be a little fickle (like in most parts of the world) and often brings cloudy skies, rain and chilly temperatures. Such will be the weekend weather according to those in the know, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors… there is beauty in those cloudy skies too!

Barcelona's Spring cloudy skies

Port Vell

Barcelona's Spring cloudy skies


With any luck, the rays of the sun will be able to perforate the overcast skies and bits of blue make an appearance. Fingers crossed for dry evenings though, because I am going to do some al fresco dining this weekend… I’ll tell you more about it soon!

Barcelona's Spring cloudy skies

Platja de Barceloneta


Spring at your feet

26 Mar
Barcelona Cute Suite presents: EVA vs MARIA SS 2013 collection

Sexy red

From yesterday’s oriental setting, I am taking you to a sub-tropical one today, to show you Spring at your feet! A few of the shoes from the new SS 2013 collection by EVA vs MARIA (whom you might remember from last year’s post?).

Barcelona Cute Suite presents: EVA vs MARIA SS 2013 collection

Nude now

Colourful and sexy, these are hand-crafted leather shoes with an attitude! But that is no surprise, for EVA vs MARIA designs combine both the feminine and delicate as well as the resilient and tough qualities women all have.

Barcelona Cute Suite presents: EVA vs MARIA SS 2013 collection

Wanna wedge?

I love that they are handmade from beautiful leather and have openings at the toes and/or sides, to keep my feet fresh when the weather gets hotter, and already have my green eyes on a pair! What about you? Are there any of these EVA vs MARIA shoes that tickle your fancy?

Barcelona Cute Suite presents: EVA vs MARIA SS 2013 collection

Peep say your toes!

Lovely, aren’t they? It’s pure Spring at your feet! These are just a few shoes from the collection, so make sure to check out the EVA vs MARIA website, as well as the online shop. And to keep up to date on all that’s new with these gorgeous shoes, check out EVA vs MARIA’s Facebook page. You can now also follow them on Instagram.

Barcelona Cute Suite presents: EVA vs MARIA SS 2013 collection

Well heeled

All images: EVA vs MARIA

Hello Spring!

20 Mar
Barcelona Cute Suite Spring blooms

Plaça de Lluis Millet

Hello Spring! You are always a welcome arrival! Longer days, rising temperatures, flowers blooming everywhere… Even Barcelona’s buildings are flowering in your honor, showing off various decorative techniques, such as the sgraffito in its two-tone glory (above), and an interior version which has been painted over in just one colour (below).

Barcelona Cute Suite Spring blooms

Carrer Alzina

Barcelona Cute Suite Spring blooms

La Rambla

Some buildings boast colourful mosaics (above) with floral motives, while other, more humble ones, apply a cast iron flower to a simple door (below).

Barcelona Cute Suite Spring blooms

Carrer Pou de l’Estanc

Barcelona Cute Suite Spring blooms

Carrer Aragò

Wrought iron, here in a delicate example on the windows of Fundaciò Tàpies (above), and the bas-relief technique (below) applied to a single bud in a crown of leaves. All these gorgeous flowers are a tribute to the season that starts today: Hello Spring!

Barcelona Cute Suite Spring blooms

Carrer Calella

For more examples of floral beauties on Barcelona’s buildings, check this post from 2011.

Petal power – [eliurpí]’s new collections

26 Feb
Eli Urpi SS13 collection

Petal power

You may remember Eli Urpí from my visit last year to her home, where she makes incredibly beautiful hats and headdresses… Well this young designer has created a new collection of hats for this Spring/Summer season and added a small collection of clothes to go with them! Please allow me to present: *drumroll* Petal power – [eliurpí]’s new collections!

The head pieces that [eliurpí] creates continue to be handcrafted in her home studio, while the garments are made in small ateliers in the Barcelona metropolitan area.

Eli Urpi SS13 collection

It’s a flower thing

Both collections have a profusion of floral elements in common, resulting in a range of clothes and head pieces which complement each other perfectly and create a charming, delicate and romantic style that is so characteristic of [eliurpí].


Be sure to check out the [eliurpí] website for a full overview of the collections and the Facebook page for the latest news from this sweet designer. You’ll find a list of stockiest on the website, but if you are abroad (as many of you, dear readers, are) then you can shop for these delightful items in the online boutique. Happy shopping! It’s pretty chilly right now, but before you know it, Spring will be here and you’ll want to work your petal power!

Photos by N.Umpiérrez for Eli Urpí.


23 Mar copyright: Lisette van de Graaf
copyright: Lisette van de Graaf

Blossom on Montjuïc

Spring arrived this week, and after a couple of days of blustery wind and lots of (much needed) rain, the weekend is here, so what better, than to go out and enjoy the blossoms and blooms, as well as budding leaves in nature? In Barcelona, nature is a little scarce, but we are lucky to have many parks to enjoy a bit of greenery. A great place to get closer to nature, is Montjuïc, so here we go – let’s enjoy Spring!

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