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It’s Barcelona (skate) Baby!

6 Feb
Barcelona Cute Suite

Plaça del Mar

By now you’ve probably sussed that this week’s theme is all about skateboards and skaters and therefore images of the latter just had to be included. I decided to ask Josep Piella whose blog  It’s Barcelona, Baby!  I have been following for quite some time, and whose work I admire greatly. He kindly allowed me to choose images from the blog that I found relevant, and here they are: It’s Barcelona (skate) Baby!

Barcelona Cute Suite

Platja de Sant Sebastià

Barcelona Cute Suite

Plaça Catalunya

Josep’s photography is top-notch, and I love the way he portrays Barcelona and its inhabitants so very vividly.

Barcelona Cute Suite

Plaça dels Àngels

He has a keen sense of style and a great eye, and captures details and people (especially in action) beautifully.

Barcelona Cute Suite


It’s Barcelona, Baby! has many images of skaters doing their thing and it was not easy to make a selection. There were images that portrayed skaters doing flips and all sorts of cool stuff, but often they were shot in warmer times of the year. So finally I decided to go with those images of skaters that are more appropriate for the current season. I hope you like my choices.

Barcelona Cute Suite

La Rambla

Thanks for allowing me to share your images, Josep! I’m delighted to finally be able to dedicate a post to your images and blog!

Barcelona Cute Suite

It’s Barcelona, Baby!

All photos are copyrighted by Josep Piella. Do check out It’s Barcelona, Baby! and also his Facebook page for his latest posts – you won’t regret it!

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