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BCN Handmade – Vuerich B.

4 Apr
Barcelona Cute Suite Vuerich B. Handmade glasses

Brothers Baptiste + Gianni Vuerich

When I learned of the existence of the fabulous Vuerich B. glasses a little while ago, I immediately got in touch with their creators to ask if they would like to be featured in the handmade section of this blog. To my delight, brothers Baptiste and Gianni said yes, and so a few weeks ago I went out to their studio, where they showed me parts of the process of the making of… I’m delighted to share with you today: BCN Handmade – Vuerich B.

Barcelona Cute Suite Vuerich B. Handmade glasses

Ready for shaping :: 2

It was a delight to meet the brothers. They make an excellent team – one designing the different styles, the other using his carpentry skills to make them. And seeing how a broken, discarded skateboard is converted into a pair of super cool glasses was great fun. In the slideshow that follows you can see (most of) these steps, and afterwards, in their own words, Baptiste and Gianni tell us a little about themselves…

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Where are you from?

Baptiste + Gianni: we are brothers and we are from Belgium.

What does Barcelona mean to you?

A multicultural place with a sea view, a source of inspiration.

Favourite spot?

Any street at night, as long as I have my skateboard.

Favourite restaurant?

The Big Fish.


Gianni: cabinetmaker, restorer of furniture; carpentry (specialised in house manufacturing and wooden staircases).

Baptiste: skateboarder and industrial designer.

How did you get here?

By chance and the desire to get to know a different culture.

What inspires you?

Writers, nature.

When / how does inspiration strike?

Getting to work, from the material.

What do you find satisfying about the making process?

The experiments.

Dreams, hopes?

An endless journey on a zeppelin equipped with a workshop and a terrace.

Barcelona Cute Suite Vuerich B. Handmade glasses

Ready to sell

Vuerich B. also make glasses and sunglasses from plywood and either stain them or add gorgeous veneers in different kinds of wood. (But you probably knew that already, if you saw last week’s post!) These will be added to their website shortly.  Curious about their glasses? Check out their website for the different styles, and their Facebook page for all the latest news. You can buy Vuerich B. glasses from their online shop, here, as well as selected shops around the globe.

Thanks Baptiste and Gianni, for welcoming me into your workshop and offering a behind-the-scenes view of how your glasses are hand-produced, one by one!

Old skateboards

7 Feb

Take some old skateboards, cut them into rectangular pieces, shape them, sand them…

… and turn them into handmade sunglasses… how cool is that? Well, that is exactly what Barcelona based brand Vuerich B. does! Founded by Baptiste Vuerich, a skater himself, they found a great way to re-use those old, broken skateboards, and the result is frankly…

… gorgeous! The different layers of maple wood offer strength and flexibility, and the various colours of the artwork on the boards create endless and varied effects once the pieces have been cut, sanded and put together.

I don’t know about you, but I am dying to get my sweaty hands on a pair of these sexy sunglasses, and I am delighted that the Vuerich B. frames are also suitable for reading glasses! You can buy Vuerich B. glasses online, right here.

For more info, check out the Vuerich B. website, and for the latest news, their Facebook page here.

All images by Vuerich B.

For the City

5 Feb

FTC Barcelona and I arrived to our street at roughly the same time, and I have seen it grow, settle and become a haven for skaters, offering great boards, accessories and cut & sewn for the city.

With clothes and shoes for guys and gals, and boards with gorgeous art work, this friendly shop is the place to go for lovers of the skateboard lifestyle.

Not (yet?) a skater myself, I am happy to delight in the wonderful art work on the boards, such as these homages to jazz, San Francisco (where the brand was born in 1986) and other funky themes.

But for those who are among the skaters who live in Barcelona, or who visit from all over the world, FTC Barcelona is the place to get your tees, totes and shoes, as well as your boards and accessories.

Quality products at more than reasonable prices, and the friendly Julio to help you make the right choice according to your needs, are what make FTC Barcelona a shop that is thriving. Quite a feat in these difficult times!

So ride on over to Carrer Notariat 5 (just around the corner from the MACBA) and get kitted out so you can fly, jump, and twirl (or simply ride) with the best of ’em!

FTC Barcelona is open from Mon-Sat: 11am-2pm and 3.30pm-8.30pm. For more news and info, check the FTC Barcelona website here and their Facebook page here.

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Skateboards recycled

17 Dec BEN_9657

Trio of circles

Happy Monday! The final week before Christmas, and I have a bit more shopping ‘advice’ for you this week, starting with skateboards recycled into these gorgeous bracelets by a friend of a friend, Gastón Gil.


Blue square

Handmade from start to finish, by this crafty carpenter who is originally from Argentina, I think they are a great way to reuse a much-loved and no doubt pretty battered skateboard that no longer serves its purpose.

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