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Selling during closing hours

27 May
Merchandise images on Barcelona blinds

Umbrellas and parasols – Carrer Riera Alta

Happy Monday, everyone! I have a busy day ahead, so I’m going to keep this short but sweet… just wanted to share a handful of beautiful blinds with you, that were made with the purpose of selling during closing hours.

Merchandise images on Barcelona blinds

Thick, hot chocolate – Carrer Banys Nous

A great and very simple way to advertise one’s wares with the blinds down, don’t you think? Plus, it adds some interest to the streets when shops are closed.

Merchandise images on Barcelona blinds

Jewellery – Carrer Banys Nous

Oh, and nice art work to boot! Always a welcome thing on a Monday morning – it helps brighten up my day… I wish you all a great start to the week!

Carrer Banys Nous

Men’s shoes – Carrer Banys Nous

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