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BCN Handmade – Edu J. Montoya

23 Jan
Barcelona Cute Suite

Edu J. Montoya

Hi everyone! Today I have the first BCN Handmade of this year in store for you. I am delighted to present a wonderful illustrator and all-round lovely person:  Edu J. Montoya!

Barcelona Cute Suite

The one that caught my eye

I don’t remember exactly where or how, I suppose it was somewhere online, but this illustration (above) caught my eye one day and drove me to search out who it was by, get in touch, etc. I am so very happy that I did! For it gave me the chance to meet Edu, who is the most humble person I have met in a while, and all the lovelier for it. Friendly too. And generous, with his time, with his information…

It was at his home in the neighborhood of Gràcia, where he showed me his studio, with its musical inspirations on the wall and the shelves full of graphic novels and comic books. But also the room where he and his girlfriend Montserrat (who makes beautiful necklaces which I hope to be able to show you soon) screen print totes and t-shirts. And at the dining table, where he works on his illustrations when his studio is occupied by his recording and editing tools (he is a passionate musician who makes recordings and edits video), he showed me prints of his past works, which Edu sells for a very attractive price, at festivals and fairs, as well as his note books full of annotations and sketches, a painting he rescued from the street and is transforming in a very interesting way, and of course illustrations he is currently working on.

I think that is introduction enough, don’t you? Check out the slideshow with images from my visit to his home, and afterwards, this multifaceted and very talented man will tell you more about himself, in his own words…

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10 Dec 004 Camouflage
 001 Camouflage

Lock lightening – Carrer de l’Hostal d’en Sol

One of this season’s street style trends saw a return of camouflage prints both for tops and bottoms. As I am a lover of fashion, I thought I’d look for camouflage around Barcelona to see if and how it translates to its buildings, and here is what I found… enjoy!

003 Camouflage

Pastels and black – Passatge d’Elisabets

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Painted for best effect

20 Jun copyright: Lisette van de Graaf
copyright: Lisette van de Graaf

Carrer Flassaders

By now you know how very richly decorated Barcelona’s old buildings can be (and often are), but I hadn’t shown you any that have been painted for best effect. About time, don’t you think? OK, well here are a few which I hope will tickle your fancy…

copyright: Lisette van de Graaf

Avinguda Francesc Cambò

… some are trompe l’oeil (above), some appear to tell a story,  like the one on Carrer Flassaders, and yet others were painted purely for decorative reasons.

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Alice in graffiti land

27 Mar copyright: Lisette van de Graaf
copyright: Lisette van de Graaf

Carrer Doctor Dou

If you liked last Thursday’s post about C215, I think you’ll like this one too. For about one year now, I’ve been seeing graffiti by the Italian artist Alice Pasquini, who signs as AliCè. An illustrator, set designer and painter, she is based in Rome, but I get the impression she may be living in Barcelona at present (or maybe on and off) for new work pops up frequently in my neighborhood. Fancy getting to see a bit of Alice in graffiti land?

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22 Mar copyright: Lisette van de Graaf
copyright: Lisette van de Graaf

Carrer Cardenal Casañas

For the past year or so, I have been spotting more and more work by French graffiti artist Christian Guémy, otherwise known as  C215, on Barcelona’s streets, and I have to say that I love it!  Colourful, intricate and stylish portraits, stenciled onto all kinds of flat surfaces around town. Too beautiful to keep from you, so here is a selection for you to enjoy…

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