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Into the wild – new pieces by Marc Sparfel

22 Feb
Wooden sculptures by Marc Sparfel

Handsome longhorn

Hurray it’s Friday! How have you enjoyed this week, dedicated to tough cookies and modern day heroines? To wrap it up, I am taking you into the wild, for I have new pieces by Marc Sparfel to show you that are wildly wonderful. You may remember Marc Sparfel – from this earlier blogpost – the French sculptor who uses discarded pieces of wood (and bits of furniture) to create his works of art.

Marc Sparfel has created a new collection of animal-like sculptures (which I love) by using parts of chairs and other pieces of furniture. At times these animals are quite recognizable, at others they are wholly imagined, and could almost be prehistoric…

… see what I mean (above)? I really like these sculptures that Marc Sparfel has created, and hope you do too. Which is your favorite? Mine are the bulls…

Wooden sculptures by Marc Sparfel

Blue moo

All these wonderful creatures are available from Vail International Gallery. For more information and updates, please check out Marc Sparfel’s website. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

PS: Next week I’ll be going all delicate and pretty on you… don’t miss it!

All images by of Lisa Von Saalfeld for Marc Sparfel.


BCN Handmade – Marc Sparfel

19 Jul copyright: Lisette van de Graaf
copyright: Lisette van de Graaf

Marc Sparfel

As I told you yesterday, today I have a new installment in the BCN Handmade series for you, and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did preparing it! Ready? Here goes, BCN Handmade – Marc Sparfel.

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