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Say it with neon

19 Apr
Barcelona neon signs

Free – Plaça Catalunya

Happy Friday, everyone! I thought I’d say it with neon today. The weekend is here, so you’re free (above).

Barcelona neon signs

Lemonade – Plaça Universitat

Free to have a lemonade or to look for some real estate around Barcelona…

Barcelona neon signs

Real estate – Plaça Universitat

Barcelona neon signs

Pharmacy – La Rambla

… perhaps you need to do some groceries and stock up at the pharmacy?

Barcelona neon signs

Pharmacy :: 2 – Rambla de Cataluya

Barcelona neon signs

Smile – Carrer Floridablanca

The sun is shining (here at least) so smile!

Barcelona neon signs

Bar – Carrer Notariat

For many of you, your plans may include heading to a bar to have a drink? Mine certainly do! But whatever you do, have a great weekend! :)

Barcelona neon signs

Bar :: 2

Happy Holidays!

21 Dec MACBA illuminated (2)
MACBA illuminated

What a sight!

Last Friday, as I was rushing to an appointment through the rain, I was blown away by what I saw at Plaça dels Àngels. I have no idea what occasion it was representing (I was in a rush, so didn’t stop to ask) but it is super festive so I think it’s perfect to wish you all Happy Holidays!

MACBA illuminated (1)

Castellers in white

I would’ve loved to stay and see what the castellers were going to get up to, all dressed in white and illuminated with black light…

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Off duty

7 Dec copyright: Lisette van de Graaf
copyright: Lisette van de Graaf

Oh Tannenbaum – Carrer Muntaner

Happy Friday everyone! It’s the weekend, and for some of you that will mean a snowy one! I’m writing you from a Winter white Holland where I have been visiting with family, but I am due to fly back to Barcelona today. Whether I’ll actually be able to is uncertain, as one in three flights have been cancelled, and those that are flying are suffering from delays… To pass the time, how about some off duty Xmas lights?

copyright: Lisette van de Graaf

Funky thoroughfare – Ronda de Sant Pau

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Retro lights

30 Nov copyright: Lisette van de Graaf
copyright: Lisette van de Graaf

Retro light, antique building – Carrer Hospital

There’s nothing like Christmas lights to put you in a festive mood, right? Well, I’ve been a little disappointed about this year’s lights in Barcelona. They are pretty much the same as last year, and that’s just boring. Obviously these are tough times (financially, politically) so I guess we’ll just have to grin and bear it! Trying to make the best of things (as I usually try to do) I realised that there are actually quite a few lights that I DO like, and these are the retro lights, dotted around town.

copyright: Lisette van de Graaf

Smirk under the stars – Carrer Tallers

Here’s a selection I shot in the past few days… enjoy!

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What? Already?!

25 Oct copyright: Lisette van de Graaf
copyright: Lisette van de Graaf

Llibert was in da hood

Yesterday, while running some errands in the neighborhood of the Cute Suite, I spotted this truck, and thought to myself:  “What? Already?!”

copyright: Lisette van de Graaf

Bringing wire and lights

Yes, already! Christmas lights are being put up around the neighborhood! I love Christmas lights, but feel it’s a little early to get all Christmassy right now. Oh well, it is what it is…  Are the Christmas lights up where you live?

copyright: Lisette van de Graaf

Mellow yellow

And apparently, they come from Valencia. Who knew? I’ll show you images of the lights (in their unlighted version) soon.

copyright: Lisette van de Graaf

Llibert is from Valencia

Mercè moments (4)

28 Sep

The final mini post about Mercè moments includes images from the multimedia show on Plaça de Sant Jaume, which this year had a large part dedicated to a younger audience, as well as a touristy slant. But it was still enjoyable, so I thought I’d share some images with you. Enjoy!

If you want to see the whole light show, check this YouTube link.

(click on any photo to enlarge)

Mercè moments (2)

26 Sep

Another mini post with snap shots of Mercè moments for you. These were taken in Parc de la Ciutadella, where the lamp posts had been given a new colour for the occasion,  a beautiful projection transformed the Cascada, and UK jugglers Gandini Juggling and local break dancers Brodas Bros. (among others) wowed the crowds.

Dusk and beyond…

20 Feb copyright: Lisette van de Graaf
copyright: Lisette van de Graaf

Carrer Valldonzella

Happy Monday! I hope you had a restful and fun weekend. I did a fair bit of walking these past few days, during the day, but also at night, and was once again struck, by how beautiful Barcelona is at dusk, and beyond…

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Lights ON

16 Dec copyright: Lisette van de Graaf
copyright: Lisette van de Graaf

Carrer Pelai

On Monday I showed you various Christmas lights from around town in their OFF state, and today, to bring on the weekend in a blaze, I have loads of images from the lights in their ON state. Enjoy!!

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9 Dec copyright: Lisette van de Graaf
copyright: Lisette van de Graaf

Portal de l'Àngel

Where would we be without lights at night? And how lovely is it, when lights are beautiful, as well as practical? Here are a few examples of lovely lights around Barcelona…

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