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Recipe for a good weekend

10 May
How to enjoy a good weekend in Barcelona

Sunshine – Port Vell

How to enjoy a good weekend in Barcelona

Going for a ride – Carrer Avinyò

How to enjoy a good weekend in Barcelona

Casual wear – Passeig de l’Exposiciò

How to enjoy a good weekend in Barcelona

Good food – Carrer Joaquin Costa

How to enjoy a good weekend in Barcelona

Checking out local beauties – Carrer Gran de Gràcia

On wheels

4 Mar
Barcelona Cute Suite on wheels

From shadow to action – Plaça Àngels

Happy Monday! Let’s get this week started and put our life on wheels for a smooth roll through Monday to Friday, shall we?

Barcelona Cute Suite on wheels

The shop – Carrer Bonavista

I love cycling, and am fortunate to live in a Barcelona, where cycling is a popular mode of transport. Bikes are everywhere, here, even among the shadows!

Barcelona Cute Suite on wheels

Painterly inspiration – Carrer Petritxol

Even more than a century ago, people from all walks of life, including famous artists and architects jumped on a bike to have fun, exercise and move from A to B. Will you join us for some fun on wheels?

Barcelona Cute Suite on wheels

All wheels in a row – Plaça Àngels

It’s Barcelona (skate) Baby!

6 Feb
Barcelona Cute Suite

Plaça del Mar

By now you’ve probably sussed that this week’s theme is all about skateboards and skaters and therefore images of the latter just had to be included. I decided to ask Josep Piella whose blog  It’s Barcelona, Baby!  I have been following for quite some time, and whose work I admire greatly. He kindly allowed me to choose images from the blog that I found relevant, and here they are: It’s Barcelona (skate) Baby!

Barcelona Cute Suite

Platja de Sant Sebastià

Barcelona Cute Suite

Plaça Catalunya

Josep’s photography is top-notch, and I love the way he portrays Barcelona and its inhabitants so very vividly.

Barcelona Cute Suite

Plaça dels Àngels

He has a keen sense of style and a great eye, and captures details and people (especially in action) beautifully.

Barcelona Cute Suite


It’s Barcelona, Baby! has many images of skaters doing their thing and it was not easy to make a selection. There were images that portrayed skaters doing flips and all sorts of cool stuff, but often they were shot in warmer times of the year. So finally I decided to go with those images of skaters that are more appropriate for the current season. I hope you like my choices.

Barcelona Cute Suite

La Rambla

Thanks for allowing me to share your images, Josep! I’m delighted to finally be able to dedicate a post to your images and blog!

Barcelona Cute Suite

It’s Barcelona, Baby!

All photos are copyrighted by Josep Piella. Do check out It’s Barcelona, Baby! and also his Facebook page for his latest posts – you won’t regret it!

For the City

5 Feb

FTC Barcelona and I arrived to our street at roughly the same time, and I have seen it grow, settle and become a haven for skaters, offering great boards, accessories and cut & sewn for the city.

With clothes and shoes for guys and gals, and boards with gorgeous art work, this friendly shop is the place to go for lovers of the skateboard lifestyle.

Not (yet?) a skater myself, I am happy to delight in the wonderful art work on the boards, such as these homages to jazz, San Francisco (where the brand was born in 1986) and other funky themes.

But for those who are among the skaters who live in Barcelona, or who visit from all over the world, FTC Barcelona is the place to get your tees, totes and shoes, as well as your boards and accessories.

Quality products at more than reasonable prices, and the friendly Julio to help you make the right choice according to your needs, are what make FTC Barcelona a shop that is thriving. Quite a feat in these difficult times!

So ride on over to Carrer Notariat 5 (just around the corner from the MACBA) and get kitted out so you can fly, jump, and twirl (or simply ride) with the best of ’em!

FTC Barcelona is open from Mon-Sat: 11am-2pm and 3.30pm-8.30pm. For more news and info, check the FTC Barcelona website here and their Facebook page here.

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