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Letters for your love

13 Feb
Barcelona Cute Suite

Multicolour – Carrer Almogàvers

Do you have letters for your love? Or a Valentine’s card perhaps? Well then you’d better hurry and post it if you want it to reach him/her on time!

Barcelona Cute Suite

Minimalist – Ronda Sant Antoni

Barcelona Cute Suite

Love birds – Carrer Martínez de la Rosa

Barcelona Cute Suite

Framed and fancy – Gran de Gràcia

What does your love’s letterbox look like?

Barcelona Cute Suite

Chalet – Carrer Paloma


18 Jan
Barcelona Cute Suite

Caixa Forum

Wow! You all overwhelmed me with your ideas and suggestions after yesterday’s post… NOT! Nobody, not one soul, nadie responded to my request for ideas, suggestions, etc. *sob*

Barcelona Cute Suite

Carrer Almogàvers

Oh well, such is life, I guess… I’m not giving up just yet, and so here is a threesome of multi-coloured images to send you off into the weekend… I’ll be back next week, but I’m not sure it’ll be on Monday… Have a *sob* great weekend!

Barcelona Cute Suite

Sagrada Familia

You’ve got mail

3 Aug copyright: Lisette van de Graaf
copyright: Lisette van de Graaf

Carrer Hospital

How about a collection of letterboxes today? Do you ever pay much attention to what they’re like? Well I have these past days and selected the following images for you. Enjoy!

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