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Paula Bonet

19 Sep

Wonderful illustrations by Paula Bonet

Paula Bonet is an artist I have recently ‘discovered’ and since followed avidly. I am in absolute awe of her drawing and colouring skills as well as the range of emotions that she is able to project through her work, which is at times melancholy and at others quite humorous.

Wonderful illustrations by Paula Bonet

I am also impressed with the fact, that her work is frequently used to decorate public spaces, such as this shop (above) in Bergamo, Italy, or (below) at a restaurant in Valencia.

Wonderful illustrations by Paula Bonet

Paula Bonet is not afraid to show her innermost feelings in her illustrations, and with gorgeous results, as you can see in this series (below) in which water features so very prominently (and beautifully).

Wonderful illustrations by Paula Bonet

Check out this video of Paula at work:

If you would like to get your hands on one of Paula’s pretty illustrations, you can either head to this online shop  or this one to buy them online. For more information on Paula’s background, works and the link to her blog (her illustrated diary), check out her website, and to keep up to date on her latest, head to her Facebook page here.

Wonderful illustrations by Paula Bonet

All images are courtesy of Paula Bonet.

Illustrated villains

22 Jan
Barcelona Cute Suite

Pretty pack

How about a game of poker? Let’s play with the most beautiful cards I’ve seen in a long time, these “Illustrated Villains“. A pack of cards designed and illustrated by 4 artists who joined hands on this project as a result of their strong connection with Barcelona.

Barcelona Cute Suite

The white gloved thief – Irene Vidal Sarmiento

Each of the 4 artists designed one of the 4 suits in their own unique style, resulting in an interesting collection of illustrated cards which tell 4 different stories.

Barcelona Cute Suite

The black widow – Adriana Bellet

Lovely, aren’t they? There is the suit of the White gloved Thief, the suit of the Black Widow, and the one of the Gentleman Wolf…

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