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BCN Handmade: GEBRAT

25 Sep

Gorgeous textiles, woven by Greta Serra - BCN Handmade

See this lovely, smiley girl? Her name is Greta Serra, and she was referred to me by one of you, dear readers (thanks, Heather)! Turns out she weaves, by hand, absolutely gorgeous fabrics, with lots of texture and interesting twists and turns (or whatever they are called in weaver’s terminology). And then she uses those wonderful pieces of textile beauty, and turns them into very pretty handbags. Clever stick, isn’t she? Yep, that’s what I thought too, and so I decided she had to be mine. Mine to share with you in today’s BCN Handmade: GEBRAT… enjoy!

Gorgeous textiles, woven by Greta Serra - BCN Handmade

In Greta’s own words: I’m from Barcelona, I was born here. And although I have not always lived in this city, this to me means “origin” and “adult” and “warmth” and “asphalt”.

Gorgeous textiles, woven by Greta Serra - BCN Handmade

My favourite place in Barcelona is my home, and after that Koy Shunka; I have not gone yet but I’m pretty sure I would like to go often and eat well.

Gorgeous textiles, woven by Greta Serra - BCN Handmade

First I started (and finished) studying philosophy. Then I felt the need to do something creative and disciplined with my hands, so I’ve been learning from different teachers and schools, especially techniques related to the textile world.

Gorgeous textiles, woven by Greta Serra - BCN Handmade

Knowing these techniques has allowed me to mix them and so I can weave textiles, then cut and sew them according to my own patterns, and combine with leather or other materials. Now I’m pretty focused on clothing accessories, but I also create tapestries and in the past I was quite focused on clothing. From my point of view it is not as important to define what you do (whether bags or clothes or decorations) but how you use your tools.

Gorgeous textiles, woven by Greta Serra - BCN Handmade

I will not say everything inspires me, firstly because this statement adds nothing to the world, and secondly because it is simply not true. I am inspired by other people’s daily life, the imagery of rural life and the materials I work with, linen, wool, leather, fur.

Gorgeous textiles, woven by Greta Serra - BCN Handmade

Weaving on the loom is without doubt one of the most satisfying parts of my process. The textures appear “rapidly” in front of your eyes and your mind starts to imagine those textures converted into an object, often three-dimensional.

Gorgeous textiles, woven by Greta Serra - BCN Handmade

I dream to continue  doing what I love all my life. I also dream of losing my fears / laziness and that my work will always keep evolving. I have hope that all of us – myself included – start to value everyday objects. All the things we have decided to surround ourselves with have the power to influence our identity and actions, for better or for worse.

Gorgeous textiles, woven by Greta Serra - BCN Handmade

Thanks Greta, for inviting me to your studio (a corner in her boyfriend’s office) in Sant Cugat, and for showing me the lovely notebooks you make by hand (above), transmitting me your enthusiasm for your craft, and showing me your beautiful pieces of work!

If you’d like to know more about GEBRAT and/or Greta Serra, then please have a look at the GEBRAT websiteblog, and Facebook page.

Gorgeous textiles, woven by Greta Serra - BCN Handmade


Slate beauties

16 Sep

Portraits etched in slate by JB Ravello

Some time ago, I spotted some incredibly gorgeous portraits on Facebook and was blown away by their incredible detail and artistry. They had been made by Jean-Briac Ravello (the stone mason I featured last year in this blogpost) on slate! Yes, that’s right, they have been carved into slate, and this particular portrait, of rapper Xzibit, looks like this:

Portraits etched in slate by JB Ravello

Quite stunning, isn’t it?

Portraits etched in slate by JB Ravello

After a while, I saw images of more portraits, of this old man and of the very handsome ram, below. Asking Jean-Briac why he had chosen to do these portraits, he replied (with his usual off-hand humility) that they were just studies in light and shadows.

Portraits etched in slate by JB Ravello

Apart from feeling quite green with envy at this level of artistry, I am also delighted that these slate beauties exist and will last, for they have been set in stone (well, in slate in this case) to do just that.

Jean-Briac Ravello will be exhibiting other pieces in Barcelona shortly. Meanwhile, check out his beautiful dishes and also an abstract sculpture at Siesta (Carrer Ferlandina 18, Barcelona) and his Facebook page and blog to keep up to date with his latest news.

I scream, you scream…

4 Sep

Snukyss artisanal ice cream Barcelona

In Summer I treat myself to ice cream quite a lot – it is the season after all – and must confess to being quite the snob about quality, texture and flavour. So discovering a new ice cream parlour  that not only meets my strict criteria, but surpasses them, has been one of the highlights of this Summer for me.

Snukyss artisanal ice cream Barcelona

Come, let me take you there. It’s not far, for just down the road from the Macba, on Carrer Ferlandina 37 we find snukyss, where you can get proprietor Miguel to serve you a cone stuffed with one (or more) of the delicious flavours for a simple gelato

Snukyss artisanal ice cream Barcelona

… or you can ask his wife Donatella (originally from Sicily) to make one of their to-die-for fusion ice creams by blending them right there, in front of you very own eyes, on the slab of marble behind the counter, and serve it to you in a cup.  You could try the Banoffee mix, or the Tiramisù perhaps? Or one of their fruit mixes, yumm!

Snukyss artisanal ice cream Barcelona

Whichever ice cream you choose, whether it be a fusion delight or a simple cone with a cream flavour or a zingy fruit sorbet (their mango and passion fruit ice creams are incredible!), you will want to come back for more!

Snukyss artisanal ice cream Barcelona

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over right now – it’s always the right time for an ice cream or milk shake, if you are a gelato lover!

Snukyss is open from Tuesday – Sundays: 1pm – midnight. Check out their Facebook page for news and updates, as well as funny images of their clients.

Cool for kids

7 May

XO in my Room

If you have been following my blog for some time now, you know that I delight in all things handmade… that is why I am very happy to share some furniture with you today that is cool for kids, and handmade in Barcelona!

XO in my Room

A team of 4 (3 brothers and a lovely lady) make up XO in my room, and between them, they take care of 10 kids, as well as design, handcraft and market the furniture they make.

XO in my Room

And they do it well, in my opinion! For they create simple furniture that is fun, colourful and sturdy. Just what kids need!

XO in my Room

XO in my room‘s handcrafted pieces are also highly practical and hard-wearing, and that shows.

XO in my Room

But they are not afraid of adding a touch of whimsy, such as the gilded swirly details at the head of these cosy beds that any kid would happily dream away in feeling like a princess or prince…

XO in my Room

I love the way they market their lovely products and style their photos, and it makes me think that they have a lot of fun conceptualising and making them at XO in my room. Good reasons to choose any of these handcrafted pieces, don’t you think? Luckily for all of us, they are available in their online store!

XO in my Room

Want to find out more? Then check out the XO in my room website and Facebook page.

(all images by XO in my room)

New arrival in Barri Gòtic

17 Apr

Barcelona Cute Suite presents: [eli urpi] shop

Carrer Montsió 11

Remember [eli urpí]? That sweet designer who makes pretty hats and recently launched a clothes range? Well, she is on a roll, and has opened s hop, which is a new arrival in Barri Gòtic!

Tucked into one of the narrow pedestrian streets in this part of Barcelona, [eli urpí] now works from a corner location on Carrer Montsió 11, which is both her atelier and shop.

Barcelona Cute Suite presents: [eli urpi] shop

Fluffs, bows, flowers and more

Reflecting the style of both the hat and clothes collections, stepping inside the [eli urpí] shop is like traveling back in time to an era when dressing implied elegance and femininity.

On weekdays and Saturdays you will be able to find Elisabet at work on a new handmade hat or head piece, or adding the finishing touches to one of her garments while seated at her vintage table.

Barcelona Cute Suite presents: [eli urpi] shop

Atelier + shop in one

Be sure to pop in and admire her handiwork first-hand if you’re in town, and by all means give in to your sudden urge to buy that pretty hat, or dress or necklace… If you are not able to visit in person, you can buy pieces from the [eli urpí] collections from the online shop.

For news and updates, refer to the [eli urpí] blog and Facebook page. Happy shopping!

BCN Handmade – Vuerich B.

4 Apr
Barcelona Cute Suite Vuerich B. Handmade glasses

Brothers Baptiste + Gianni Vuerich

When I learned of the existence of the fabulous Vuerich B. glasses a little while ago, I immediately got in touch with their creators to ask if they would like to be featured in the handmade section of this blog. To my delight, brothers Baptiste and Gianni said yes, and so a few weeks ago I went out to their studio, where they showed me parts of the process of the making of… I’m delighted to share with you today: BCN Handmade – Vuerich B.

Barcelona Cute Suite Vuerich B. Handmade glasses

Ready for shaping :: 2

It was a delight to meet the brothers. They make an excellent team – one designing the different styles, the other using his carpentry skills to make them. And seeing how a broken, discarded skateboard is converted into a pair of super cool glasses was great fun. In the slideshow that follows you can see (most of) these steps, and afterwards, in their own words, Baptiste and Gianni tell us a little about themselves…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Where are you from?

Baptiste + Gianni: we are brothers and we are from Belgium.

What does Barcelona mean to you?

A multicultural place with a sea view, a source of inspiration.

Favourite spot?

Any street at night, as long as I have my skateboard.

Favourite restaurant?

The Big Fish.


Gianni: cabinetmaker, restorer of furniture; carpentry (specialised in house manufacturing and wooden staircases).

Baptiste: skateboarder and industrial designer.

How did you get here?

By chance and the desire to get to know a different culture.

What inspires you?

Writers, nature.

When / how does inspiration strike?

Getting to work, from the material.

What do you find satisfying about the making process?

The experiments.

Dreams, hopes?

An endless journey on a zeppelin equipped with a workshop and a terrace.

Barcelona Cute Suite Vuerich B. Handmade glasses

Ready to sell

Vuerich B. also make glasses and sunglasses from plywood and either stain them or add gorgeous veneers in different kinds of wood. (But you probably knew that already, if you saw last week’s post!) These will be added to their website shortly.  Curious about their glasses? Check out their website for the different styles, and their Facebook page for all the latest news. You can buy Vuerich B. glasses from their online shop, here, as well as selected shops around the globe.

Thanks Baptiste and Gianni, for welcoming me into your workshop and offering a behind-the-scenes view of how your glasses are hand-produced, one by one!

Spring at your feet

26 Mar
Barcelona Cute Suite presents: EVA vs MARIA SS 2013 collection

Sexy red

From yesterday’s oriental setting, I am taking you to a sub-tropical one today, to show you Spring at your feet! A few of the shoes from the new SS 2013 collection by EVA vs MARIA (whom you might remember from last year’s post?).

Barcelona Cute Suite presents: EVA vs MARIA SS 2013 collection

Nude now

Colourful and sexy, these are hand-crafted leather shoes with an attitude! But that is no surprise, for EVA vs MARIA designs combine both the feminine and delicate as well as the resilient and tough qualities women all have.

Barcelona Cute Suite presents: EVA vs MARIA SS 2013 collection

Wanna wedge?

I love that they are handmade from beautiful leather and have openings at the toes and/or sides, to keep my feet fresh when the weather gets hotter, and already have my green eyes on a pair! What about you? Are there any of these EVA vs MARIA shoes that tickle your fancy?

Barcelona Cute Suite presents: EVA vs MARIA SS 2013 collection

Peep say your toes!

Lovely, aren’t they? It’s pure Spring at your feet! These are just a few shoes from the collection, so make sure to check out the EVA vs MARIA website, as well as the online shop. And to keep up to date on all that’s new with these gorgeous shoes, check out EVA vs MARIA’s Facebook page. You can now also follow them on Instagram.

Barcelona Cute Suite presents: EVA vs MARIA SS 2013 collection

Well heeled

All images: EVA vs MARIA

BCN Handmade – Musa bamba

27 Feb
Musa Bamba handmade in Barcelona

Pleated circle

Some time ago, just after I had posted about La Fortune, I was contacted by Rose Alves. She was selling her handmade bags at La Fortune, would I be interested in featuring her on the blog? You know I would be interested, so I quickly got in touch with Rose and an email exchange ensued to arrange a photo shoot. It took place a few weeks ago, and I am delighted to share with you today: BCN Handmade – Musa Bamba.

Musa Bamba handmade in Barcelona

Rose Mari Alves

The very friendly Rose has a studio and showroom set up in her home in the Eixample Dreta district of Barcelona, where sunlight streams in the French windows on most days of the year. She had moved recently and indicated that things weren’t quite as she wanted them to be yet, although they looked just fine to me. We chatted and she explained how, using a technique called “fuxico” she makes her very pretty necklaces and handbags, which range from small, simple styles, to medium ones and much larger ones, many of which are adjustable with several snap buttons to allow them to transform into different shapes and sizes. Very clever!

Her Musa Bamba bags and jewellery are her main project, but on the side Rose also scours flea markets for cool vintage or antique clothes and shoes, which she perks up with a bit of TLC, either adding appliqués, adjusting their patterns or simply mending what needs fixing. These she sells under the brandname Musa B. But that is not all, for does more! But I think it’s time we allowed Rose to tell us in her own words…  check out what she has to say after the page break, following a slideshow of images taken during our shoot.

Continue reading

Amato Sole’s new shop

21 Feb
Amato Sole Furniture design

It’s all in the details

Remember Amato Sole? The lovely creative duo have moved their shop to the delightful neighborhood of Gràcia to a great space on Carrer Perill 39. The opening was in December, so it was high time I showed you Amato Sole’s new shop!

Beautifully styled, Amato Sole is chock-a-block with their furniture designs, but also with elements that are waiting to be reused and meanwhile serve a decorative purpose. And in order to prettify things even more, items from their own personal collections of tableware, candles and a profusion of plants are dotted around the space.

Amato Sole Furniture design

Tasteful styling :: 2

Lighting also plays an important role, and many of the lights are Ramón’s own creations, while others are gorgeous vintage examples. Upstairs a small space is also open to the public and displays yet more furniture and lighting elements that Amato Sole have created, and offers a nice overview of what is below on the ground floor.

If you find yourself in Gràcia, do pay Amato Sole a visit. I think you’ll be enchanted by what’s on offer, which is desirable for any tough cookie and sweet delicate flower, as well as the whole range of lads and ladies in between. For more information check out the Amato Sole website and to keep up to date, keep an eye out for their Facebook page. Amato Sole is open from Wed-Sat from 5 pm – 8.30 pm. You’ll know when you get there by their sign as well as the touches of green on their façade, tucked into the recycled potato bags that they have become famous for.

Amato Sole Furniture design

Touches of green

Old skateboards

7 Feb

Take some old skateboards, cut them into rectangular pieces, shape them, sand them…

… and turn them into handmade sunglasses… how cool is that? Well, that is exactly what Barcelona based brand Vuerich B. does! Founded by Baptiste Vuerich, a skater himself, they found a great way to re-use those old, broken skateboards, and the result is frankly…

… gorgeous! The different layers of maple wood offer strength and flexibility, and the various colours of the artwork on the boards create endless and varied effects once the pieces have been cut, sanded and put together.

I don’t know about you, but I am dying to get my sweaty hands on a pair of these sexy sunglasses, and I am delighted that the Vuerich B. frames are also suitable for reading glasses! You can buy Vuerich B. glasses online, right here.

For more info, check out the Vuerich B. website, and for the latest news, their Facebook page here.

All images by Vuerich B.

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