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On a rainy day…

5 Mar
Román Yñán at Openhouse Gallery

Intimate shots

What better to do on a rainy day such as today, than tuck yourself up indoors and snuggle with your nearest and dearest? Well, there is an alternative, actually, and that is to go and see a very intimate collection of photos by Román Yñán at the Openhouse Gallery.

Román Yñán at Openhouse Gallery

Still life

Román Yñán at Openhouse Gallery

Then and now

The collection is titled “Hola me llamo Romàn y hago fotos a mi familia” (hello my name is Román and I take photos of my family) and invites us to reflect on the fact that although we are all different and lead different lives, in essence we all are the same, and this is often visible through our family snaps.

Román Yñán at Openhouse Gallery

Party time

Román Yñán at Openhouse Gallery


As my photos do not do this lovely collection any justice, I suggest you contact either Román Yñán or Openhouse Gallery (part of Openhouse project) to arrange a private viewing. The exhibit will be on for a while yet, but you don’t want to miss this one, so go see it!

Román Yñán at Openhouse Gallery

Román Yñán surrounded by his family

For more information about Román Yñán’s work, check out his website, and for updates subscribe to his Facebook page. To keep up-to-date on all things Openhouse, go to the Openhouse Project site and to their Facebook page.

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