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Abril at home

12 Feb
Barcelona Cute Suite


Do you remember the very cute stuffed dolls that Carmo Stichini makes for her brand Abril? Well she has branched out and is currently applying her cuteness magic to handmade ceramic items, creating  Abril at home (or Casa Abril as it’s actually called) – a collection of useful and decorative items that are completely handmade, hand painted and hand glazed, and which of course, in true Abril style, will make you smile at first glance.

In her own sweet style she has created cups, dishes, coasters, sugar bowls and tiles, as well as a truly magical tree vase, and a teapot with three spouts. Quirky and delightful at the same time, don’t you think? Unsurprisingly, Casa Abril‘s lovely pieces have been featured on several Etsy Treasury lists and that has helped boost sales.

I’m showing you only a few here, but there are more pieces on Casa Abril’s Etsy shop, although at the moment she has sold out on the pretty cups and Tea pot shown above. The magical tree vase is still available so, so if you’re quick you might just be able to snap it up! You know you want to!!

I’m delighted that they are doing so well, and look forward to seeing what else Carmo has up her magical and very productive sleeve… Make sure to check out the Abril blog and Facebook page for news and updates, and don’t forget to check out the Casa Abril Etsy shop – you may find a little something for your loved one (although it won’t arrive in time for Valentine’s Day, I’m afraid)!

Barcelona Cute Suite

Flowers and bird tile

All images: Carmo Stichini for Abril Casa.

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