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Paula Bonet

19 Sep

Wonderful illustrations by Paula Bonet

Paula Bonet is an artist I have recently ‘discovered’ and since followed avidly. I am in absolute awe of her drawing and colouring skills as well as the range of emotions that she is able to project through her work, which is at times melancholy and at others quite humorous.

Wonderful illustrations by Paula Bonet

I am also impressed with the fact, that her work is frequently used to decorate public spaces, such as this shop (above) in Bergamo, Italy, or (below) at a restaurant in Valencia.

Wonderful illustrations by Paula Bonet

Paula Bonet is not afraid to show her innermost feelings in her illustrations, and with gorgeous results, as you can see in this series (below) in which water features so very prominently (and beautifully).

Wonderful illustrations by Paula Bonet

Check out this video of Paula at work:

If you would like to get your hands on one of Paula’s pretty illustrations, you can either head to this online shop  or this one to buy them online. For more information on Paula’s background, works and the link to her blog (her illustrated diary), check out her website, and to keep up to date on her latest, head to her Facebook page here.

Wonderful illustrations by Paula Bonet

All images are courtesy of Paula Bonet.


Street art in Amsterdam

7 Jun
Amsterdam street art Reguliers Dwarsstraat

Rainbow brother

To wrap up this week of holiday snapshots I have some very beautiful examples of street art for you, found in Amsterdam, on Reguliers Dwarsstraat, on just one wall. They are a series of wonderful portraits, done with stencils, both in black and white and in color… (note the attention that has been paid to the background!)

Amsterdam street art Reguliers Dwarsstraat

Yearning child

Amsterdam street art Reguliers Dwarsstraat

Kid at play

Amsterdam street art Reguliers Dwarsstraat

Lady in Blue

Amsterdam street art Reguliers Dwarsstraat

The DJ

Lats but not least, the full view. Gorgeous, isn’t it?

Amsterdam street art Reguliers Dwarsstraat

Reguliers Dwarsstraat

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Say it with neon

19 Apr
Barcelona neon signs

Free – Plaça Catalunya

Happy Friday, everyone! I thought I’d say it with neon today. The weekend is here, so you’re free (above).

Barcelona neon signs

Lemonade – Plaça Universitat

Free to have a lemonade or to look for some real estate around Barcelona…

Barcelona neon signs

Real estate – Plaça Universitat

Barcelona neon signs

Pharmacy – La Rambla

… perhaps you need to do some groceries and stock up at the pharmacy?

Barcelona neon signs

Pharmacy :: 2 – Rambla de Cataluya

Barcelona neon signs

Smile – Carrer Floridablanca

The sun is shining (here at least) so smile!

Barcelona neon signs

Bar – Carrer Notariat

For many of you, your plans may include heading to a bar to have a drink? Mine certainly do! But whatever you do, have a great weekend! :)

Barcelona neon signs

Bar :: 2

Colourful people

15 Apr
Some of Barcelona's colourful people

The artist

Happy Monday, everyone! I’d like to kick off this week with some of Barcelona’s colourful people, without whom life would be rather blah…

Some of Barcelona's colourful people

The doorman

Some of Barcelona's colourful people

The Sikh

Some of Barcelona's colourful people

The ladies…

Have a wonderful week, everyone!

Some of Barcelona's colourful people

… who are boys

Mus & Roew

20 Feb
Barcelona Cute Suite

Mus & Roew

I was wondering what our dear tough cookie, the modern day version of the heroines I shared with you in the past two days, would wear on their feet, so solidly planted on the ground… and stumbled on an accessories brand which is based in Barcelona: Mus & Roew. A band of young creatives have joined forces to create a collection of shoes and bags that are useful, elegant and resistant as well as colorful and fashionable.

Barcelona Cute Suite

Touch of red

Good looking, aren’t they? Just the type of comfortable shoe a modern day heroine needs to conduct her daily business, whiteout having to forsake her good looks!

Mus & Roew came up with their name whilst doing research into the history of Barcelona’s leather manufacturers, and discovered the story of a Scottish craftsman who settled here in the 19th century together with his two pet dogs, Mus and Roew.  He was known to be of humble character and would generously share his knowledge, and so the trio were a welcome sight among the leather artisans in Ciutat Vella.

Barcelona Cute Suite

Liquid silver

Today Mus & Roew shoes are a welcome sight on the feet of any discerning tough cookie (and of course also the sweeter, gentler cookies – I wouldn’t want to discriminate!) and their bags and rucksacks look great on any arm or back…

Check out the Mus & Roew website,  find out where you can buy them here, and keep up to date on their Facebook page.

All images courtesy of Mus & Roew.

Under the chimney stacks

4 Feb

Happy Monday! How do you like these street art images, taken under the chimney stacks of Jardins de les Tres Ximeneies? Some of those are pretty cool, aren’t they? The kind of graffiti I like, and it’s nice to see they are permitted in some of Barcelona’s public spaces, especially since this is where skaters and bikers congregate to show off their tricks to each other and all onlookers.

Have a great week! If you check out the following posts in the next days, you’ll see they all have a common theme…


18 Jan
Barcelona Cute Suite

Caixa Forum

Wow! You all overwhelmed me with your ideas and suggestions after yesterday’s post… NOT! Nobody, not one soul, nadie responded to my request for ideas, suggestions, etc. *sob*

Barcelona Cute Suite

Carrer Almogàvers

Oh well, such is life, I guess… I’m not giving up just yet, and so here is a threesome of multi-coloured images to send you off into the weekend… I’ll be back next week, but I’m not sure it’ll be on Monday… Have a *sob* great weekend!

Barcelona Cute Suite

Sagrada Familia

Blue tones

8 Nov copyright: Lisette van de Graaf
copyright: Lisette van de Graaf

Blocks of blue – Carrer Almogàvers

It’s so big in fashion right now – I wonder if the fashion world got its inspiration from all the blue tones that can be found around Barcelona?

copyright: Lisette van de Graaf

Boxed blues – Caixa Forum

copyright: Lisette van de Graaf

Blue everywhere – Carrer Badajoz

And there’s more!

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Mercè moments (2)

26 Sep

Another mini post with snap shots of Mercè moments for you. These were taken in Parc de la Ciutadella, where the lamp posts had been given a new colour for the occasion,  a beautiful projection transformed the Cascada, and UK jugglers Gandini Juggling and local break dancers Brodas Bros. (among others) wowed the crowds.

Mercé moments

25 Sep

We’ve just had a long weekend, celebrating Barcelona’s patron saint, La Mercè, with concerts, light shows, parades, lots of firework, open doors, food, castellers, and much more. I thought I’d share some of the images with you, in a series of short posts in gallery format, and I hope you like them!

These were taken on Friday night, while watching the Orquestra àrab de Barcelona on the square in front of the cathedral – the concert was very good, but if possible, the people watching was even better! I don’t think I have ever seen men shaking their hips and arms with such verve!

(click on the photos to enlarge them)

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