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3 Apr


It caught me completely by surprise, when last night I realised that the Cute Suite blog turned two yesterday. Two!!! Goodness, have two years really passed, since one Saturday morning in April I decided to start a blog to share things about Barcelona that I like? Apparently!

That deserved a celebration, and so I decided to postpone the post I had prepared for today until tomorrow, and prepare a different post for today…  I have just come back from the street, quickly uploaded the photos I took and whipped up this here little blog post, much later than normal, but here it is! A small collection of numbers 2 from around the area where I live, starting with the one on my street. Happy Birthday to the Cute Suite!

If I have managed to keep up the blogging until now, it’s all thanks to YOU, dear readers! Knowing you’re out there, checking out the blog, commenting, liking, signing up to be informed of updates, that is what keeps me going. Now… whaddaya say, would you like me to continue?

Bangla New Year

24 Apr copyright: Lisette van de Graaf
copyright: Lisette van de Graaf

Mesmerised 2

This past weekend most of Barcelona has been getting ready to celebrate one of its patron saint days, Sant Jordi (which took place yesterday), but part of the local population had something quite different to celebrate: Bangla New Year.

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