I scream, you scream…

4 Sep

Snukyss artisanal ice cream Barcelona

In Summer I treat myself to ice cream quite a lot – it is the season after all – and must confess to being quite the snob about quality, texture and flavour. So discovering a new ice cream parlour  that not only meets my strict criteria, but surpasses them, has been one of the highlights of this Summer for me.

Snukyss artisanal ice cream Barcelona

Come, let me take you there. It’s not far, for just down the road from the Macba, on Carrer Ferlandina 37 we find snukyss, where you can get proprietor Miguel to serve you a cone stuffed with one (or more) of the delicious flavours for a simple gelato

Snukyss artisanal ice cream Barcelona

… or you can ask his wife Donatella (originally from Sicily) to make one of their to-die-for fusion ice creams by blending them right there, in front of you very own eyes, on the slab of marble behind the counter, and serve it to you in a cup.  You could try the Banoffee mix, or the Tiramisù perhaps? Or one of their fruit mixes, yumm!

Snukyss artisanal ice cream Barcelona

Whichever ice cream you choose, whether it be a fusion delight or a simple cone with a cream flavour or a zingy fruit sorbet (their mango and passion fruit ice creams are incredible!), you will want to come back for more!

Snukyss artisanal ice cream Barcelona

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over right now – it’s always the right time for an ice cream or milk shake, if you are a gelato lover!

Snukyss is open from Tuesday – Sundays: 1pm – midnight. Check out their Facebook page for news and updates, as well as funny images of their clients.


Traveling with Moment Factory

3 Sep

Moment Factory project at LAX airport terminal

Ever since I was child, I have enjoyed traveling on planes and always get a buzz from airports. The to-ing and fro-ing of people, the architecture of the airport terminals, the expansive windows, offering views of planes taking off and landing… and oh yes, also the shops, cafes and news stands, to do some browsing (or shopping) while waiting to board my flight.

How cool would it be, if adding to all of the usual travel excitement, airport terminals were kitted out with a bunch of multimedia features, such as interactive capsules, 3D effects and interactive panels which react directly to people’s movements? That would make travel even more fun!

Moment Factory project at LAX airport terminal

Well, that is exactly what is on offer as of this month, at the New Tom Bradley International Terminal at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) starts operating.  Check out the demo to see what you can expect to find should you find yourself in this new terminal:

This wonderful immersive multimedia system was created by Montreal based company Moment Factory, who were appointed the executive producers of this project. You may remember them from last year’s La Mercè multimedia show at the Sagrada Familia, which I mentioned in this blog post. That was pretty spectacular, so I’m sure what they’ve created for the Tom Bradley International Terminal is not going to disappoint. Now to find an excuse (and the money!) to travel to Los Angeles…

Moment Factory project at LAX airport terminal

All images (c) Moment Factory

… and I’m back!

2 Sep


Hello dear blog friends! It has been a (long) while, but here we are, at the start of September… and I’m back! How has your Summer been, so far? I hope it has been everything you wanted!


Mine has been great – lots of work, many lovely guests for the Cute Suite, encounters with very dear and old friends as well as with family members whom I don’t get to see as much as I would like… (speaking of which: happy birthday Dad!)


… but I’ve also spent relaxing days in Barcelona, eating well (and often out), enjoying lazy siestas as well as going out on power walks, staying in the shade, and going out on a boat trip with cherished friends, new and old.


Ice coffee and mosaic floors have been a constant, and just this weekend I went to see the exhibition on Pasolini which is on at the CCCB until the 15th of September. Worth checking  out!

Aaaaah…. it won’t be easy to get back into the swing of things after such a long break from the blog, but I have exciting things in store for you, so I hope you’ll bear with me, while I get back into the groove. And if you haven’t discovered me there already, check me out on Instagram, and follow me, if you like what you see.


Five hundred!

25 Jun
Fabulous street art at 3 chimeneas, Barcelona

Beautiful child

Yep. Five hundred. Blogposts. Almost unbelievable, but very true! This calls for a little celebration, and so I thought we’d have a little street art fest today. To celebrate this 500th post and the fact that Barcelona’s street art is so very much alive with excellent artists, both local and visiting.

Fabulous street art at 3 chimeneas, Barcelona

El Pez and his friends

These shots are from the park at Les Tres Xemeneies, at the bottom end of Avinguda del Paral.lel, where skaters and bikers hang out, do their tricks and where a few walls are actually permitted to be covered in tags, smiley fish and other works of spray art.

Fabulous street art at 3 chimeneas, Barcelona

A pile of chestnuts

The walls were recently re-done, and so I am delighted to share these new works with you.

Fabulous street art at 3 chimeneas, Barcelona

Angela davis

Fabulous street art at 3 chimeneas, Barcelona

Anybody know who this is?

Fabulous street art at 3 chimeneas, Barcelona

Black Panthers

There are 3 blocks of concrete which are covered on all sides, and artists like KRAM, El Pez and others (if you know who they are please let me know) have added their colourful touches to them, each in their own distinctive styles…

Fabulous street art at 3 chimeneas, Barcelona

Sweet Dreams

… some romantic…

Fabulous street art at 3 chimeneas, Barcelona

Chick on the side

Fabulous street art at 3 chimeneas, Barcelona

Bunny with many faces

… or cute…

Fabulous street art at 3 chimeneas, Barcelona

Having a whale of a time

… others hilarious or a little scary. But all, gorgeous, don’t you agree? In any case, I hope you like them!

Fabulous street art at 3 chimeneas, Barcelona


Dear (blog) friends, I’m going to take a break from blogging for a bit. Not because I’m fed up with it, but to enjoy a little holiday and to take the time to regroup and focus on a new project, which I would also like to see reflected in the blog. But don’t worry, I’ll be back! With more beautiful and exciting stuff from around Barcelona. Have a wonderful Summer, and see you again soon!

Summery pleasures

24 Jun
Simple pleasures in Barcelona's Summer

Platja de Barceloneta

After a weekend of solstice celebrations all over the world, including the noisy and fiery Nit de Sant Joan here, in Barcelona (as well as other parts of Spain), Summer is officially here. And although the weather is uncharacteristically cool at the moment, I thought I’d share with you a few of my simple, Summery pleasures. Spending lazy hours on any of Barcelona’s many beaches is a given, as is eating copious amounts of ice cream (preferably of the artisanal variety) in order to keep cool…

Simple pleasures in Barcelona's Summer

Carrer Joaquin Costa

But there are other things I enjoy, such as drinking iced coffee – a good expresso with a couple of ice cubes is all it takes – or splashing some water on my face or refilling my water bottle at one of  many drinking fountains, dotted around Barcelona. Especially, if it is a smiley one such as this one, below!

Simple pleasures in Barcelona's Summer

Ronda Universitat

Delighting in the blue skies above always makes me feel happy, so I look up often. And if palm trees are a part of what I see, then my happiness doubles.

Simple pleasures in Barcelona's Summer

Carrer Elisabets

Summer is a happy season for me, and as I am feeling so upbeat, I’ll let you in on a little secret: the delicious drink that is horchata. Served ice cold, horchata is a typical Summer drink which is sweet and cooling and nutty at the same time. It is available in bottled form in supermarkets, but the best is found at this horchata parlour on Carrer Parlament, as well as a few other ones around town, who make their own. What are your Summery pleasures?

Simple pleasures in Barcelona's Summer

Carrer Parlament

B/W portraits

21 Jun
Black and white portraits on Barcelona's streets

Cyclists – Carrer Petritxol

Another week has flown by and the weekend is on our doorstep. Before I go off to rest and relax, I wanted to share these 4 B/W portraits with you. I hope you like them. The cyclists, found on a doorway in Carrer Petritxol, is a homage to the famous painting by Ramon Casas that hangs in the 4 Gats restaurant. If you’ve been, you’ll recognise it.

Black and white portraits on Barcelona's streets

Girl – Carrer Mirallers

The other three are all found on the same little street, Carrer Mirallers, tucked away in the Born. A pretty girl with a piercing look…

Black and white portraits on Barcelona's streets

Embrace – Carrer Mirallers

A smoking embrace on one of the shop blinds, and that genius of surrealism, Dalí himself, with his pointy whiskers, by street artist Balu (who also did the pretty girl – anyone know who she is? – above).

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Black and white portraits on Barcelona's streets

Dalí – Carrer Mirallers

El Recibidor

20 Jun

While in Sant Antoni the other day to shoot photos for last Tuesday’s blogpost, I decided it was high time to take you to El Recibidor. You see, it has been here for a while now (in fact, one year) and is a fabulous shop to go get your vintage fix.

In a long space that is full of gorgeous pieces from the 50s 60s and 70s, sourced mainly from the UK and Germany, you are bound to find something you “need”. And at a very reasonable price too!

But it’s not only furniture you’ll find at El Recibidor, but fun paraphernalia also…

… as well as a fabulous selection of lampsvases, record holders, perfume bottles and not to miss: superb posters from those wonderful years where quality and style were just that bit more interesting.

Be sure to pop in (El Recibidor is found on Carrer Viladomat 9) and have a wander among the many treasures you’ll find in this fab shop. And if you are in town on Saturday, make sure to go, for they will be celebrating their 1st anniversary with drinks and a contest. The best dressed (in 50s or 60s style) gets to win a selection of vintage goodies. Are you going to miss it?

El Recibidor opens from: Mon – Fri: 4pm – 8.30pm and Sat: 11am – 2pm + 4pm – 8.30pm

*** El Recibidor now also has an online shop! So pull out your credit card and buy those lovely items from the comfort of your (vintage) sofa: www.elrecibidor.com

The colour of Summer

19 Jun
Aqua - the colour of Summer in Barcelona

Carrer Banys Vells

There is no colour that evokes Summer to me quite like the colour aqua does. And after yesterday’s post, in which so many details appeared in this lovely color, I was in the mood for more example of the colour of Summer.

Aqua - the colour of Summer in Barcelona

Carrer Sant Francesc de Paula

Aqua is a crisp colour that appears to exude coolness, or like this glass, reminds of crystal clear waters in shallow parts of the sea lapping onto a sandy beach.

Aqua - the colour of Summer in Barcelona

Carrer Badajoz

Aqua - the colour of Summer in Barcelona

Carrer Àngels

It is also the colour that sets off a suntan like no other colour does, especially for those (like me) who have eyes in green or blue tones.

Aqua - the colour of Summer in Barcelona

Carrer Rera Palau

Aqua - the colour of Summer in Barcelona

Carrer Santa Anna

Here’s an aqua reminder to myself that I need to get into shape, and (below) a reflection of my love for ice cream – that most summery of pleasures.

Aqua - the colour of Summer in Barcelona

Passatge de Sant Bernat

Just two more days, and Summer will be officially here! Enjoy it to the max, everyone!

Aqua - the colour of Summer in Barcelona

Carrer Jovellanos

Café Cometa

18 Jun
Café Cometa Carrer Parlament, 20 Barcelona

Cometa – Carrer Parlament 20

On a sunny corner in the Sant Antoni neighborhood, Café Cometa has been going strong for over 6 months now, so it was high time I showed you this lovely place.

Cometa is a bright space with clean lines, sturdy, simple furniture and lots of plants, as well as touches of colour, among which aqua and red play an important role.

Café Cometa Carrer Parlament, 20 Barcelona

Bench seating

But that is just the (rather lovely) decor. What’s important is what comes out from behind their bar, in the way of yummie pastries, delicious and freshly made juices, the good coffee and their tasty lunch menus

Café Cometa Carrer Parlament, 20 Barcelona

Bar belles

Cometa is obviously a place you must visit when around the Sant Antoni area. Whether you take place at the bar on one of the sensational stools, or have a seat at one of the window tables, or cozy up on the bench beneath the many artful prints, you’re going to enjoy the time you spend here. But hey, don’t take my word for it, check out the rest of the images and find out for yourself the next time you’re in the neighborhood!

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RICE for breakfast

17 Jun
Stencil art on Barcelona streets by RICE

Antony Perkins – Carrer del Carne

Happy Monday! How about a hearty breakfast to kick-start the week? In Hong Kong (where I lived for 4 years) this would mean a bowl of congee, the main ingredient of which is rice. So let’s have some RICE for breakfast, shall we? Of the kind you can find on Barcelona’s streets.

Stencil art on Barcelona streets by RICE

Who’s that girl? – Carrer del Carme

RICE has been active and I found a few new stencils just the other day, all in El Raval. He or she (doesn’t anybody know anything about this artist?) appears to enjoy making stencil portraits of famous people. Such as these three… Have a wonderful week, everyone!

Stencil art on Barcelona streets by RICE

David Bowie – Plaça dels Àngels

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