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Traveling with Moment Factory

3 Sep

Moment Factory project at LAX airport terminal

Ever since I was child, I have enjoyed traveling on planes and always get a buzz from airports. The to-ing and fro-ing of people, the architecture of the airport terminals, the expansive windows, offering views of planes taking off and landing… and oh yes, also the shops, cafes and news stands, to do some browsing (or shopping) while waiting to board my flight.

How cool would it be, if adding to all of the usual travel excitement, airport terminals were kitted out with a bunch of multimedia features, such as interactive capsules, 3D effects and interactive panels which react directly to people’s movements? That would make travel even more fun!

Moment Factory project at LAX airport terminal

Well, that is exactly what is on offer as of this month, at the New Tom Bradley International Terminal at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) starts operating.  Check out the demo to see what you can expect to find should you find yourself in this new terminal:

This wonderful immersive multimedia system was created by Montreal based company Moment Factory, who were appointed the executive producers of this project. You may remember them from last year’s La Mercè multimedia show at the Sagrada Familia, which I mentioned in this blog post. That was pretty spectacular, so I’m sure what they’ve created for the Tom Bradley International Terminal is not going to disappoint. Now to find an excuse (and the money!) to travel to Los Angeles…

Moment Factory project at LAX airport terminal

All images (c) Moment Factory


… and I’m back!

2 Sep

Hello dear blog friends! It has been a (long) while, but here we are, at the start of September… and I’m back! How has your Summer been, so far? I hope it has been everything you wanted!

Mine has been great – lots of work, many lovely guests for the Cute Suite, encounters with very dear and old friends as well as with family members whom I don’t get to see as much as I would like… (speaking of which: happy birthday Dad!)

… but I’ve also spent relaxing days in Barcelona, eating well (and often out), enjoying lazy siestas as well as going out on power walks, staying in the shade, and going out on a boat trip with cherished friends, new and old.

Ice coffee and mosaic floors have been a constant, and just this weekend I went to see the exhibition on Pasolini which is on at the CCCB until the 15th of September. Worth checking  out!

Aaaaah…. it won’t be easy to get back into the swing of things after such a long break from the blog, but I have exciting things in store for you, so I hope you’ll bear with me, while I get back into the groove. And if you haven’t discovered me there already, check me out on Instagram, and follow me, if you like what you see.


Street art in Amsterdam

7 Jun
Amsterdam street art Reguliers Dwarsstraat

Rainbow brother

To wrap up this week of holiday snapshots I have some very beautiful examples of street art for you, found in Amsterdam, on Reguliers Dwarsstraat, on just one wall. They are a series of wonderful portraits, done with stencils, both in black and white and in color… (note the attention that has been paid to the background!)

Amsterdam street art Reguliers Dwarsstraat

Yearning child

Amsterdam street art Reguliers Dwarsstraat

Kid at play

Amsterdam street art Reguliers Dwarsstraat

Lady in Blue

Amsterdam street art Reguliers Dwarsstraat

The DJ

Lats but not least, the full view. Gorgeous, isn’t it?

Amsterdam street art Reguliers Dwarsstraat

Reguliers Dwarsstraat

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Museum snaps

6 Jun
Amsterdam Rijksmuseum Details Spaces

The new courtyard

While in Amsterdam last week, I made it a point to revisit the recently reopened Rijksmuseum and have a look at the collections as well as the way the building has been refurbished. I was not disappointed. Here are some details I wanted to share with you: museum snaps. Enjoy!

Amsterdam Rijksmuseum Details Spaces

Step windows

Amsterdam Rijksmuseum Details Spaces

Courtyard vista

Amsterdam Rijksmuseum Details Spaces

Ladies in the window

Amsterdam Rijksmuseum Details Spaces

Stained sponsors

Amsterdam Rijksmuseum Details Spaces

Vaulted ceiling

Amsterdam Rijksmuseum Details Spaces

The Night Watch

Amsterdam signs

5 Jun
Amsterdam walls messages and signs

Occupational signs

Walking around in Amsterdam (as you do, and I certainly did) last weekend, I noticed a handful of signs that I thought worth sharing. Typical from the Golden Age are the signs depicting various occupations, and these are grouped together on the corner of the Amsterdam Museum. The other one, much more combative, if you will, I spotted just a few corners further up the road. Although the fact that it had been left discarded, leaning against the wall, might mean that the war against nature is truly over! ;)

Amsterdam walls messages and signs

The war is over

Playground pets

4 Jun
Amsterdam painted animals murals street art

Watchful red

While in Amsterdam last weekend, I spent some time with my nephew and niece at one of the city’s many well-appointed playgrounds, in particular the one at Weteringschans, where gorgeous murals livened up the brick walls on one of its sides with some playground pets. Simply wonderful!

Amsterdam painted animals murals street art

Piggy back

Mosaic spheres

3 Jun
Mosaic spheres on Museum plein in Amsterdam


Happy Monday, everyone! I have been away on a short trip, and in the next days I will share some impressions with you. Starting today, with some mosaic spheres which I found on a very famous square… can you guess where I was these days?

Mosaic spheres on Museum plein in Amsterdam

Eye see you!

As far as eyes go, brown has always been my favourite color, so it’s not surprising that this one caught my eye!

Mosaic spheres on Museum plein in Amsterdam

Canal houses

With this housey sphere, I think you can pretty much guess where I have been. And if not, the one below will leave no doubt whatsoever! ;)

Have a wonderful week, everyone!

Mosaic spheres on Museum plein in Amsterdam

I amsterdam

PS: the square is Museum plein in Amsterdam, behind the recently reopened Rijksmuseum. Check out their virtual tour by clicking on this link – you’ll love it!


10 Sep copyright: Lisette van de Graaf
copyright: Lisette van de Graaf

Marnix Plein

Hello everyone! I’m back! Well, sort of… I’m still getting into the swing of things, but feeling more grounded now. To kick-start the ‘after-the-holidays season’, I thought I’d share some of my holiday souvenirs with you. (We all bring something home with us from our holidays don’t we?) Ready? Here we go!

I love cycling, and was drawn to the sign (above) indicating a bicycle parking. Simple but very effective, right? The profusion of flowers, painted on the side walks along Vijzelstraat and Weteringschans were another welcome surprise, and I just couldn’t resist bringing some home with me,in the form of a snapshot…

copyright: Lisette van de Graaf


On the Herengracht I was suddenly reminded of one of my favourite street artists, C215

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Weekend getaway

15 Jun copyright: Lisette van de Graaf
copyright: Lisette van de Graaf

Going back in time…

Fancy a weekend getaway? Last week I went away to a sleepy town further South on Spain’s East coast to spend time with family and friends. It is a place where pirates once roamed, and now swallows, sea gulls, bats and cotorras (the same as we have in Barcelona) have free reign.

copyright: Lisette van de Graaf

Curly shadow

Mostly, the old part of town was built in the 70s (although some older, more humble houses can still be found dotted around the place) and window bars cast curly shadows in the early morning, when the sun has just risen above the sea’s horizon. To see more, check out the slideshow I have prepared for you…

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