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The view from here

27 Mar
Barcelona Cute Suite - Vuerich B new handmade recycled wood glasses

Plywood sunnies :: 2

Last week I visited the guys from Vuerich B. at their workshop to shoot some images for a BCN Handmade post (I will post it next week, so watch this space!) and they showed me their most recent creations. As Spring is here to stay, and Summer not that far ahead, I thought it was time to show you the view from here, glasses and shades that will make you stand out in a crowd they are so cool.

Barcelona Cute Suite - Vuerich B new handmade recycled wood glasses

Recycled sunnies :: 2

As you might recall from an earlier post about Vuerich B., their frames are hand-crafted from recycled skateboards. But now they have added a new range that is made from plywood to which they have added stained, or just varnished natural veneers in various wood-types.

Barcelona Cute Suite - Vuerich B new handmade recycled wood glasses

Plywood specs :: 2

Good looking, aren’t they?

Barcelona Cute Suite - Vuerich B new handmade recycled wood glasses

Recycled sunnies

These  Vuerich B. beauties are available both as sunglasses or as prescription frames and available in selected shops around the globe, or online, here.

Barcelona Cute Suite - Vuerich B new handmade recycled wood glasses

Plywood specs

Just remember that the recycled styles are one-off pieces and sell out quickly, and to check for the Vuerich B. logo, which you can find on the side of the arms.

Barcelona Cute Suite - Vuerich B new handmade recycled wood glasses

Check out the logo!

I’m about ready to check out the view from here. How about you? Have you chosen a pair that you like yet? For more info, check out the Vuerich B. website, and for the latest news, their Facebook page. If you can’t get a pair (or two) where you live, then head over to their online shop and whip out your credit card. Happy shopping!

Barcelona Cute Suite - Vuerich B new handmade recycled wood glasses

Plywood sunnies

Spring at your feet

26 Mar
Barcelona Cute Suite presents: EVA vs MARIA SS 2013 collection

Sexy red

From yesterday’s oriental setting, I am taking you to a sub-tropical one today, to show you Spring at your feet! A few of the shoes from the new SS 2013 collection by EVA vs MARIA (whom you might remember from last year’s post?).

Barcelona Cute Suite presents: EVA vs MARIA SS 2013 collection

Nude now

Colourful and sexy, these are hand-crafted leather shoes with an attitude! But that is no surprise, for EVA vs MARIA designs combine both the feminine and delicate as well as the resilient and tough qualities women all have.

Barcelona Cute Suite presents: EVA vs MARIA SS 2013 collection

Wanna wedge?

I love that they are handmade from beautiful leather and have openings at the toes and/or sides, to keep my feet fresh when the weather gets hotter, and already have my green eyes on a pair! What about you? Are there any of these EVA vs MARIA shoes that tickle your fancy?

Barcelona Cute Suite presents: EVA vs MARIA SS 2013 collection

Peep say your toes!

Lovely, aren’t they? It’s pure Spring at your feet! These are just a few shoes from the collection, so make sure to check out the EVA vs MARIA website, as well as the online shop. And to keep up to date on all that’s new with these gorgeous shoes, check out EVA vs MARIA’s Facebook page. You can now also follow them on Instagram.

Barcelona Cute Suite presents: EVA vs MARIA SS 2013 collection

Well heeled

All images: EVA vs MARIA

Tea temple

25 Mar


Happy Monday! I recently stumbled on the most beautiful tea shop I have ever come across: Tealosophy, on Carrer Bonavista 3. A veritable tea temple, it exudes a sultry, enchanting atmosphere, one that plays with your senses and mesmerizes you straight away. It reminded me of the delightful temples in Hong Kong, where I lived for four years, and which I loved to visit every now and then, in order to seek some peace and soothe my soul.


Tealosophy was created by Inés Berton, a renowned “nose” who creates all the exquisite blends herself – and they are mind-blowing, trust me! – both for her shops (in Buenos Aires and Barcelona) as well as for private clients, among whom we can find the Dalai Lama himself! The ingredients are sourced from producers in Asia who, as tea growers must, are in tune with the seasons and have the utmost respect for the earth on which their prized leaves and blossoms grow.


In the beautiful shop that is Tealosphy, you can find these wonderful blends as well as assorted tea wares (pots, strainers, etc.), tea books, music and beautiful silk sachets filled with herbal blends to soothe your eyes when needed. So if wish to refresh your senses, calm your spirit, or just create a delightful moment, all you need is a few strands of delicious Tealosophy tea and some hot water…


For those of you who wish to worship at the tea temple, but who are unable to visit either of the Tealosophy shops or boutiques that sell their sensational blends, you can buy them online from the Tealosophy Market. You can find more information on the Tealosophy website and keep up with the latest news on the Tealosophy Facebook page. Enjoy your cuppa! And your week, of course! :)


21 Mar
Barcelona Cute Suite Barcelonashopping Magnesia


On a rather bland, chamfered corner, at the top end of Gràcia, a delightful surprise lies in store for those who enter Magnesia. For this surprisingly bright shop, with its triangular floor plan and stunning floor tiles, converts this unobtrusive spot into a haven of all things (well) illustrated.

(click on images to enlarge)

Beautiful illustrations are everywhere you look in Magnesia, applied to paper, embellishing tea towels, coasters, note books, pretty trays…

Barcelona Cute Suite Barcelonashopping Magnesia

Well-rounded collection

Magnesia also offers a very lovely range of ceramics which tell stories thanks to the illustrations that have been transferred onto them.

Big fans of Letterpress and Hammerpress, it is no surprise that at Magnesia you can find many items printed with this artisanal technique, ranging from charming cards to nifty calendars and pretty paper doll packs.

Barcelona Cute Suite Barcelonashopping Magnesia


Magnesia also boasts a textile corner where you can find bolts of fabric (mostly from Japan and the US – some of which were designed by Lisa Congdon), cushions, and pretty handmade handbags with delightful vintage fabrics.

Local illustration artists but also many from abroad are represented at Magnesia, displayed with great taste in a space that feels uncluttered, despite having a great deal to offer.

Barcelona Cute Suite Barcelonashopping Magnesia

Illustrated ceramics

There is so much to be discovered at Magnesia! Tea towels, placemats, jewelry (not shown), puzzles, cards, posters, plates, bowls, funky totes (you know that you need another to add to your collection, right?) and pretty handbags.

You can find Magnesia on Carrer Torrent de l’Olla 192 (at the top end of Gràcia, just opposite to Lukumas). It opens Mon-Fri: 10.30-14.00 + 16.30-20.00 and Sat: 10.00-14.00. For more info and updates check out their blog and Facebook page, and feel free to follow them on Pinterest and Twitter.

Barcelona Cute Suite Barcelonashopping Magnesia

Carrer Torrent de l’Olla 192

Stamp heaven

8 Mar
Barcelona Cute Suite - collecting stamps

Carrer Pelai 1

Did you ever collect stamps as a child? Maybe you still do? Then head to what must be stamp heaven on Carrer Pelai 1, for there you’ll find a tiny shop that is dedicated to selling those precious pieces of paper . It has the cutest little shop window filled with glorious collections from all over the world.

Lovely, isn’t it? Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! I’m taking next week off from blogging so I can concentrate on some other projects, but will be back, here, at the Cute Suite, on Monday 18th March. See you then!

Barcelona Cute Suite - collecting stamps

Collector’s haven

Colmado – beauty in abundance

28 Feb

Colmado = abundant

Serendipity took me there, to Carrer Brosoli 5 in El Born. To Colmado, a lovely corner shop that sells exquisite clothes and accessories, both to enhance your appearance, as well as your home. Colmado – beauty in abundance. The beautiful lettering on its windows caught my eye…

Delightful display

… and then I spotted the simply goooorgeous display units on their wall, made from wooden clothes hangers, and it was love. Pure love. As pure as the silk and other natural fibers that the clothes at Colmado are made of.

As enchanting as Colmado‘s accessories, as wonder-inducing as their stackable plates + bowls sets that, when stacked, magically convert to Asian style urns. As warm and welcoming as the friendly shop-owner, who also makes pretty jewelry which is displayed on the tables in the window, as well as simply cut garments hanging along the wall…

View from the back

It was love at first sight, and I am hoping for a looong and satisfying relationship to ensue. Colmado was opened just a few weeks ago, on a spot that had been in disuse for many years. They deserve to be successful, for they have chosen their selection well, based on quality, excellent workmanship and good taste. Check out the Colmado blog for information about the brands they sell and the philosophy behind them, and their Facebook page for updates and news. You can also follow them on Instagram, and of course just pop into the shop if you’re in Barcelona!

Petal power – [eliurpí]’s new collections

26 Feb
Eli Urpi SS13 collection

Petal power

You may remember Eli Urpí from my visit last year to her home, where she makes incredibly beautiful hats and headdresses… Well this young designer has created a new collection of hats for this Spring/Summer season and added a small collection of clothes to go with them! Please allow me to present: *drumroll* Petal power – [eliurpí]’s new collections!

The head pieces that [eliurpí] creates continue to be handcrafted in her home studio, while the garments are made in small ateliers in the Barcelona metropolitan area.

Eli Urpi SS13 collection

It’s a flower thing

Both collections have a profusion of floral elements in common, resulting in a range of clothes and head pieces which complement each other perfectly and create a charming, delicate and romantic style that is so characteristic of [eliurpí].


Be sure to check out the [eliurpí] website for a full overview of the collections and the Facebook page for the latest news from this sweet designer. You’ll find a list of stockiest on the website, but if you are abroad (as many of you, dear readers, are) then you can shop for these delightful items in the online boutique. Happy shopping! It’s pretty chilly right now, but before you know it, Spring will be here and you’ll want to work your petal power!

Photos by N.Umpiérrez for Eli Urpí.

Amato Sole’s new shop

21 Feb
Amato Sole Furniture design

It’s all in the details

Remember Amato Sole? The lovely creative duo have moved their shop to the delightful neighborhood of Gràcia to a great space on Carrer Perill 39. The opening was in December, so it was high time I showed you Amato Sole’s new shop!

Beautifully styled, Amato Sole is chock-a-block with their furniture designs, but also with elements that are waiting to be reused and meanwhile serve a decorative purpose. And in order to prettify things even more, items from their own personal collections of tableware, candles and a profusion of plants are dotted around the space.

Amato Sole Furniture design

Tasteful styling :: 2

Lighting also plays an important role, and many of the lights are Ramón’s own creations, while others are gorgeous vintage examples. Upstairs a small space is also open to the public and displays yet more furniture and lighting elements that Amato Sole have created, and offers a nice overview of what is below on the ground floor.

If you find yourself in Gràcia, do pay Amato Sole a visit. I think you’ll be enchanted by what’s on offer, which is desirable for any tough cookie and sweet delicate flower, as well as the whole range of lads and ladies in between. For more information check out the Amato Sole website and to keep up to date, keep an eye out for their Facebook page. Amato Sole is open from Wed-Sat from 5 pm – 8.30 pm. You’ll know when you get there by their sign as well as the touches of green on their façade, tucked into the recycled potato bags that they have become famous for.

Amato Sole Furniture design

Touches of green

Mus & Roew

20 Feb
Barcelona Cute Suite

Mus & Roew

I was wondering what our dear tough cookie, the modern day version of the heroines I shared with you in the past two days, would wear on their feet, so solidly planted on the ground… and stumbled on an accessories brand which is based in Barcelona: Mus & Roew. A band of young creatives have joined forces to create a collection of shoes and bags that are useful, elegant and resistant as well as colorful and fashionable.

Barcelona Cute Suite

Touch of red

Good looking, aren’t they? Just the type of comfortable shoe a modern day heroine needs to conduct her daily business, whiteout having to forsake her good looks!

Mus & Roew came up with their name whilst doing research into the history of Barcelona’s leather manufacturers, and discovered the story of a Scottish craftsman who settled here in the 19th century together with his two pet dogs, Mus and Roew.  He was known to be of humble character and would generously share his knowledge, and so the trio were a welcome sight among the leather artisans in Ciutat Vella.

Barcelona Cute Suite

Liquid silver

Today Mus & Roew shoes are a welcome sight on the feet of any discerning tough cookie (and of course also the sweeter, gentler cookies – I wouldn’t want to discriminate!) and their bags and rucksacks look great on any arm or back…

Check out the Mus & Roew website,  find out where you can buy them here, and keep up to date on their Facebook page.

All images courtesy of Mus & Roew.

Revisiting Ada Blackjack

19 Feb
Barcelona Cute Suite

(re) Introducing Ada Blackjack!

Today we are revisiting Ada Blackjack, the brand that was created last year by Ivonne Schippers (remember her?) from her home in Barcelona. Since last year, Ivonne has been hard at work, and created additional leather goods, as well as revamped the branding and set up a new website.

What hasn’t changed for Ada Blackjack though, and that is the inspiration for both the name, style and philosophy behind this collection of gorgeous goods: a resilient Inuit woman who, thanks to her endurance and bravery, was the sole survivor of an expedition on the uninhabited Wrangel Island in northern Siberia.

Barcelona Cute Suite

Canvas rucksack

And just as enduring, resilient and tough (as well as beautiful) is the current collection of totes, rucksacks and leather goods (glasses cases and card holders) that Ivonne has created for Ada Blackjack, by hand, one by one, from her home, using natural materials and quality craftsmanship.

Wonderful, aren’t they? Check out the (brand new) Ada Blackjack website for more details and styles, shop until you drop here, and keep up to date on the Ada Blackjack Facebook page. Don’t forget to check out the blog too, for it contains gorgeous, inspirational images and illustrations which are a true reflection of the brand’s philosophy. Ah, it’s wonderful to see such a solid and coherent project moving on to become even better!

Barcelona Cute Suite

New logo and brand

All photos by Ivonne Schippers for Ada Blackjack; graphics and illustration by Tobias van Schneider en Verena Michelitsch.

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