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Room Service

9 Sep

Great design at Room Service Gallery Barcelona

Hello all! Quite a bit later than usual, but here I am, kicking off a new week with some images from Room Service, a design gallery that showcases some really cool stuff, and can be found on Carrer Àngels 16, here in Barcelona.

Great design at Room Service Gallery Barcelona

Representing several Dutch designers, such as Piet Hein Eek and Maarten Bas (as well as others), and also some Spanish ones like for example López y Rivera, Room Service offers its customers a very healthy platter of what is hot in product and furniture design at the moment.

Great design at Room Service Gallery Barcelona Great design at Room Service Gallery Barcelona

I’m in love with these beautiful baskets, designed by Piet Hein Eek and produced following Fair Trade Principles. Good looks and good ethics; what’s not to like?!

Room Service also regularly showcases products by FRESH*, the result of a collaboration between O|CULTS and Room Service Design, and which are designed by young Spanish designers

Great design at Room Service Gallery Barcelona

If you happen to pop in, make sure to check out what’s on offer at Room Service, for there is something for everyone (with a well filled purse), and don’t forget to check out the photographs that line the walls also, for they tend to be pretty gorgeous.

Great design at Room Service Gallery Barcelona

For more info and updates, check out the Room Service website and Facebook page.


El Recibidor

20 Jun

While in Sant Antoni the other day to shoot photos for last Tuesday’s blogpost, I decided it was high time to take you to El Recibidor. You see, it has been here for a while now (in fact, one year) and is a fabulous shop to go get your vintage fix.

In a long space that is full of gorgeous pieces from the 50s 60s and 70s, sourced mainly from the UK and Germany, you are bound to find something you “need”. And at a very reasonable price too!

But it’s not only furniture you’ll find at El Recibidor, but fun paraphernalia also…

… as well as a fabulous selection of lampsvases, record holders, perfume bottles and not to miss: superb posters from those wonderful years where quality and style were just that bit more interesting.

Be sure to pop in (El Recibidor is found on Carrer Viladomat 9) and have a wander among the many treasures you’ll find in this fab shop. And if you are in town on Saturday, make sure to go, for they will be celebrating their 1st anniversary with drinks and a contest. The best dressed (in 50s or 60s style) gets to win a selection of vintage goodies. Are you going to miss it?

El Recibidor opens from: Mon – Fri: 4pm – 8.30pm and Sat: 11am – 2pm + 4pm – 8.30pm

*** El Recibidor now also has an online shop! So pull out your credit card and buy those lovely items from the comfort of your (vintage) sofa:

Teranyina – where warp and weft meet

13 Jun
Barcelona textile weaving and felting Teranyina

Black and white beauties

Ever wondered where warp and weft meet in Barcelona? I have the answer for you: it is at Teranyina, on Carrer Notariat 10.

In a wonderful space that combines workshop and sale areas, Teranyina have been teaching and selling all about textile weave and felting for 25 years, and I hope they will continue to do so for much longer.

Barcelona textile weaving and felting Teranyina

Warp wonders

Weaving is not all that is done at Teranyina though, for felting and a technique called nuno are also taught and put into practice here.

Classes are taught upstairs by the lovely Teresa Rosa Aguayo, while downstairs production is underway. Scarves, tapestries, felt items… you name it, at Teranyina they are able to make it from weft and warp and some woollen, cotton, silk or linen threads, with patience and many trips of the shuttles from one side of the loom to the other.

Barcelona textile weaving and felting Teranyina

Woven portraits

The resulting marvels are available for sale, and some are exhibited on the walls of the shop area in pretty frames. How delightful are these woven portraits?!

Naturally, inspirational material is also made available, both to shop customers and workshop pupils. Teranyina is a wonderful living homage to age old techniques and craft traditions, and Barcelona is all the richer for it.

Barcelona textile weaving and felting Teranyina

Inspirational materials

You can find Teranyina on Carrer Notariat 10. Opening hours are: 11am – 3pm + 5pm – 8pm.

Saturday pop-up

11 Jun

Last Saturday Carolina Blue (remember this lovely shop?) hosted a delightful pop-up flower market,  named “Field of Dreams”, which was organised by the lovely Carolina Carrasco + Marianne Krauss of The Treasures.

Saturday in Barcelona: flower market at Carolina Blue

Flower crowns

During the morning hours gorgeous flower crowns were made, and pretty flowers and plants in lovely pots or (hanging) bundles were displayed and sold.

And in the afternoon and evening, great tunes were played by Rhys and his band, while visitors enjoyed a glass (or two) of bubbly fruit cocktail, and a couple of  little boys twirled away on their impromptu dance floor to the delight of their mothers and other onlookers. It was a truly charming event, the likes of which I hope will repeat itself across Barcelona often!

Saturday in Barcelona: flower market at Carolina Blue

Great players

Selling during closing hours

27 May
Merchandise images on Barcelona blinds

Umbrellas and parasols – Carrer Riera Alta

Happy Monday, everyone! I have a busy day ahead, so I’m going to keep this short but sweet… just wanted to share a handful of beautiful blinds with you, that were made with the purpose of selling during closing hours.

Merchandise images on Barcelona blinds

Thick, hot chocolate – Carrer Banys Nous

A great and very simple way to advertise one’s wares with the blinds down, don’t you think? Plus, it adds some interest to the streets when shops are closed.

Merchandise images on Barcelona blinds

Jewellery – Carrer Banys Nous

Oh, and nice art work to boot! Always a welcome thing on a Monday morning – it helps brighten up my day… I wish you all a great start to the week!

Carrer Banys Nous

Men’s shoes – Carrer Banys Nous

Cool for kids

7 May

XO in my Room

If you have been following my blog for some time now, you know that I delight in all things handmade… that is why I am very happy to share some furniture with you today that is cool for kids, and handmade in Barcelona!

XO in my Room

A team of 4 (3 brothers and a lovely lady) make up XO in my room, and between them, they take care of 10 kids, as well as design, handcraft and market the furniture they make.

XO in my Room

And they do it well, in my opinion! For they create simple furniture that is fun, colourful and sturdy. Just what kids need!

XO in my Room

XO in my room‘s handcrafted pieces are also highly practical and hard-wearing, and that shows.

XO in my Room

But they are not afraid of adding a touch of whimsy, such as the gilded swirly details at the head of these cosy beds that any kid would happily dream away in feeling like a princess or prince…

XO in my Room

I love the way they market their lovely products and style their photos, and it makes me think that they have a lot of fun conceptualising and making them at XO in my room. Good reasons to choose any of these handcrafted pieces, don’t you think? Luckily for all of us, they are available in their online store!

XO in my Room

Want to find out more? Then check out the XO in my room website and Facebook page.

(all images by XO in my room)

Barcelona Reykjavik

1 May
Buying bread at Barcelona Reykjavik

Cute counter

During the warmer months (hopefully here soon!) I often awake to the delicious yeasty smell of bread being baked, and the ‘culprit’ is the organic bakery behind my home: Barcelona Reykjavik.

Established quite a few years ago, Barcelona Reykjavik has been at the forefront in Barcelona of a return to producing bread (and delicious pastries) which is made the traditional way: by hand, using purely natural and organic ingredients and baked in the old fashioned way. No wonder it smells and tastes so good!

Buying bread at Barcelona Reykjavik

Jams and jellies

Barcelona Reykjavik spoils us daily with delicious and wholesome breads as well as sweet and savory pastries which are all baked on site, in the space behind the shop, a glimpse of which can be seen through the window behind the pastry counter.

Additionally, you can find eggs, fruit juices and milk at Barcelona Reykjavik. All organic of course!  But the stars here are the delicious breads and to die for pastries, and more often than not, you’ll find trays or bowls on the counter with little tasty bits you can try, and which will no doubt tempt you to buy more than you had intended!

Buying bread at Barcelona Reykjavik

Counter view

Looks good, doesn’t it?

There are three outlets around Barcelona, in Born, Gràcia and Raval (which is the shop I am showing you) so make sure to pop in if you’re in town. Barcelona Reykjavik is open every day of the week from 10.30 am. For more info, check their website and their Facebook page.

Buying bread at Barcelona Reykjavik

Carrer Doctor Dou 12

New arrival in Barri Gòtic

17 Apr

Barcelona Cute Suite presents: [eli urpi] shop

Carrer Montsió 11

Remember [eli urpí]? That sweet designer who makes pretty hats and recently launched a clothes range? Well, she is on a roll, and has opened s hop, which is a new arrival in Barri Gòtic!

Tucked into one of the narrow pedestrian streets in this part of Barcelona, [eli urpí] now works from a corner location on Carrer Montsió 11, which is both her atelier and shop.

Barcelona Cute Suite presents: [eli urpi] shop

Fluffs, bows, flowers and more

Reflecting the style of both the hat and clothes collections, stepping inside the [eli urpí] shop is like traveling back in time to an era when dressing implied elegance and femininity.

On weekdays and Saturdays you will be able to find Elisabet at work on a new handmade hat or head piece, or adding the finishing touches to one of her garments while seated at her vintage table.

Barcelona Cute Suite presents: [eli urpi] shop

Atelier + shop in one

Be sure to pop in and admire her handiwork first-hand if you’re in town, and by all means give in to your sudden urge to buy that pretty hat, or dress or necklace… If you are not able to visit in person, you can buy pieces from the [eli urpí] collections from the online shop.

For news and updates, refer to the [eli urpí] blog and Facebook page. Happy shopping!

Carolina Blue

11 Apr
Opening today Carolina Blue Barcelona

Doctor Dou 11

There is a new arrival to my neighborhood: Carolina Blue. Located on Carrer Doctor Dou 11, it is a lovely shop run by mother and daughter team Carolina and Maria Luisa.

Experienced decorators of haberdasheries, to which they introduced new styles and a retro vintage vibe some time ago, it was only a matter of time before the project to set up a shop became a reality, and so now we have Carolina Blue.

Opening today Carolina Blue Barcelona

Vintage touches

At Carolina Blue you’ll find furniture (both recycled and newly made) and a delightful range of deco objects (ranging from gorgeous mirrors, wooden crates to wire baskets among other wonderful finds), as well as ribbons and yarn for your crafty projects or beautiful ceramic table ware.

Opening today Carolina Blue Barcelona

Handy bags from Peru

At Carolina Blue you will also be able to find regular photography or art exhibits, as well as commission decoration projects by the lovely Carolina or Maria Luisa.

Opening today Carolina Blue Barcelona

Going natural

This evening from 6pm Carolina Blue celebrates its opening, and I have it on good authority, that it will be a party to remember! If you can’t make it don’t worry, you can stop by any time from 11 am – 8.30 pm (Mondays thru Saturdays). If it’s information and updates you are after, you can either go to their website or to the Carolina Blue Facebook page. Happy decorating!


9 Apr
Barcelona Cute Suite goes shopping at Ivori

Ivori – Carrer Mirallers 7

Last week I finally went to Ivori, a small but very lovely, ivory-coloured (hence the name) corner shop that I had been hearing and reading about a great deal.

And rightfully so, it turns out. For Ivori is a shop that sells clothes, shoes, handbags and jewelry as well as other accessories that have been made in Barcelona. (You know by now that I am more than just fond of local goods, right?)

Barcelona Cute Suite goes shopping at Ivori

All made in Barcelona

Brand names such as Alexandre Neddermann, Borne by Elise Berger, Lubochka, Maria RochName and Mus & Roew have been carefully curated by the friendly owner Carola Alexandre (who is half of Alexandre Neddermann by the way), and take centre stage in her charming shop (check out its 19th century ceiling!). You might recall the two last brand names from posts I did earlier, here and here

Beautiful items (many handmade!) at reasonable prices in an array of colours and materials that seduce and enchant – that is what I found at Ivori. What more can a girl ask for?

You can find Ivori on Carrer Mirallers 7. It opens from Monday – Saturday from 11am until 8.30pm. For those of you who are unable to pop round for a visit, you can take a peek (and buy) in the Etsy shop. And if it is updates and the latest news you want, then check out the Ivori Facebook page. Happy shopping!

Barcelona Cute Suite goes shopping at Ivori

Pretty pretty!

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