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Pretty “piggy” bank

5 Nov

Dos Pavos - pretty piggy bank designed by Mr. Simon

I’ve never been very good at saving, but I am sure that with a pretty “piggy” bank like this one, I would become better at it. It’s called Dos Pavos (two turkeys, literally), a name which refers to the old slang used for two five Peseta coins from days when the Peseta was still jingling in our pockets, here in Spain.

Based on the traditional Spanish ceramic piggy bank, it has been created by design studio Mr. Simon from Valencia, and made from natural beech and glazed, white ceramic. Intended for saving 2€ coins, it shows how much money you have saved (approximately) at any given time thanks to its clever “construction”.

Dos Pavos - pretty piggy bank designed by Mr. Simon

At present, Dos Pavos is actually just a project, but with your help, by reserving one (or more) of these lovely “piggy” banks via this site, it may just become a reality! C’mon! How pretty is it? So stylish in any home! Such a good idea as a birthday present or Christmas gift (what, you haven’t started shopping yet?!)…

I think it would be great if the Mr. Simon‘s Dos Pavos were produced. So what do you think? Need one? Want one? Reserve one?

Dos Pavos - pretty piggy bank designed by Mr. Simon

All photos © Mr. Simon



Funky tiles

11 Sep

Funky tiles in Barcelona

It is a public holiday here, so just a quick and short post today. Some time ago I spotted some funky tiles on a street in the Sant Antoni area.

Funky tiles in Barcelona

Their indented decorative elements caught my eye for their simple and playful nature.

Funky tiles in Barcelona

I could see myself having tiles like this in my home. Perhaps in a matte version, in shades of black, greige or white…

Funky tiles in Barcelona

Don’t miss tomorrow’s post, for it’s a new installment in the BCN at home series, and I will take you to a cool pad in the Eixample.

Funky tiles in Barcelona

Room Service

9 Sep

Great design at Room Service Gallery Barcelona

Hello all! Quite a bit later than usual, but here I am, kicking off a new week with some images from Room Service, a design gallery that showcases some really cool stuff, and can be found on Carrer Àngels 16, here in Barcelona.

Great design at Room Service Gallery Barcelona

Representing several Dutch designers, such as Piet Hein Eek and Maarten Bas (as well as others), and also some Spanish ones like for example López y Rivera, Room Service offers its customers a very healthy platter of what is hot in product and furniture design at the moment.

Great design at Room Service Gallery Barcelona Great design at Room Service Gallery Barcelona

I’m in love with these beautiful baskets, designed by Piet Hein Eek and produced following Fair Trade Principles. Good looks and good ethics; what’s not to like?!

Room Service also regularly showcases products by FRESH*, the result of a collaboration between O|CULTS and Room Service Design, and which are designed by young Spanish designers

Great design at Room Service Gallery Barcelona

If you happen to pop in, make sure to check out what’s on offer at Room Service, for there is something for everyone (with a well filled purse), and don’t forget to check out the photographs that line the walls also, for they tend to be pretty gorgeous.

Great design at Room Service Gallery Barcelona

For more info and updates, check out the Room Service website and Facebook page.

Say it with neon

19 Apr
Barcelona neon signs

Free – Plaça Catalunya

Happy Friday, everyone! I thought I’d say it with neon today. The weekend is here, so you’re free (above).

Barcelona neon signs

Lemonade – Plaça Universitat

Free to have a lemonade or to look for some real estate around Barcelona…

Barcelona neon signs

Real estate – Plaça Universitat

Barcelona neon signs

Pharmacy – La Rambla

… perhaps you need to do some groceries and stock up at the pharmacy?

Barcelona neon signs

Pharmacy :: 2 – Rambla de Cataluya

Barcelona neon signs

Smile – Carrer Floridablanca

The sun is shining (here at least) so smile!

Barcelona neon signs

Bar – Carrer Notariat

For many of you, your plans may include heading to a bar to have a drink? Mine certainly do! But whatever you do, have a great weekend! :)

Barcelona neon signs

Bar :: 2

Metro walls

5 Apr


Many of Barcelona’s metro stations are a little out-dated and cramped, but there is a good side to that: they have some very funky metro walls! Here is a selection of those which I hope you will enjoy on your ride into the weekend… have a good one, everyone!

BCN Handmade – Vuerich B.

4 Apr
Barcelona Cute Suite Vuerich B. Handmade glasses

Brothers Baptiste + Gianni Vuerich

When I learned of the existence of the fabulous Vuerich B. glasses a little while ago, I immediately got in touch with their creators to ask if they would like to be featured in the handmade section of this blog. To my delight, brothers Baptiste and Gianni said yes, and so a few weeks ago I went out to their studio, where they showed me parts of the process of the making of… I’m delighted to share with you today: BCN Handmade – Vuerich B.

Barcelona Cute Suite Vuerich B. Handmade glasses

Ready for shaping :: 2

It was a delight to meet the brothers. They make an excellent team – one designing the different styles, the other using his carpentry skills to make them. And seeing how a broken, discarded skateboard is converted into a pair of super cool glasses was great fun. In the slideshow that follows you can see (most of) these steps, and afterwards, in their own words, Baptiste and Gianni tell us a little about themselves…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Where are you from?

Baptiste + Gianni: we are brothers and we are from Belgium.

What does Barcelona mean to you?

A multicultural place with a sea view, a source of inspiration.

Favourite spot?

Any street at night, as long as I have my skateboard.

Favourite restaurant?

The Big Fish.


Gianni: cabinetmaker, restorer of furniture; carpentry (specialised in house manufacturing and wooden staircases).

Baptiste: skateboarder and industrial designer.

How did you get here?

By chance and the desire to get to know a different culture.

What inspires you?

Writers, nature.

When / how does inspiration strike?

Getting to work, from the material.

What do you find satisfying about the making process?

The experiments.

Dreams, hopes?

An endless journey on a zeppelin equipped with a workshop and a terrace.

Barcelona Cute Suite Vuerich B. Handmade glasses

Ready to sell

Vuerich B. also make glasses and sunglasses from plywood and either stain them or add gorgeous veneers in different kinds of wood. (But you probably knew that already, if you saw last week’s post!) These will be added to their website shortly.  Curious about their glasses? Check out their website for the different styles, and their Facebook page for all the latest news. You can buy Vuerich B. glasses from their online shop, here, as well as selected shops around the globe.

Thanks Baptiste and Gianni, for welcoming me into your workshop and offering a behind-the-scenes view of how your glasses are hand-produced, one by one!

Amato Sole’s new shop

21 Feb
Amato Sole Furniture design

It’s all in the details

Remember Amato Sole? The lovely creative duo have moved their shop to the delightful neighborhood of Gràcia to a great space on Carrer Perill 39. The opening was in December, so it was high time I showed you Amato Sole’s new shop!

Beautifully styled, Amato Sole is chock-a-block with their furniture designs, but also with elements that are waiting to be reused and meanwhile serve a decorative purpose. And in order to prettify things even more, items from their own personal collections of tableware, candles and a profusion of plants are dotted around the space.

Amato Sole Furniture design

Tasteful styling :: 2

Lighting also plays an important role, and many of the lights are Ramón’s own creations, while others are gorgeous vintage examples. Upstairs a small space is also open to the public and displays yet more furniture and lighting elements that Amato Sole have created, and offers a nice overview of what is below on the ground floor.

If you find yourself in Gràcia, do pay Amato Sole a visit. I think you’ll be enchanted by what’s on offer, which is desirable for any tough cookie and sweet delicate flower, as well as the whole range of lads and ladies in between. For more information check out the Amato Sole website and to keep up to date, keep an eye out for their Facebook page. Amato Sole is open from Wed-Sat from 5 pm – 8.30 pm. You’ll know when you get there by their sign as well as the touches of green on their façade, tucked into the recycled potato bags that they have become famous for.

Amato Sole Furniture design

Touches of green

Mus & Roew

20 Feb
Barcelona Cute Suite

Mus & Roew

I was wondering what our dear tough cookie, the modern day version of the heroines I shared with you in the past two days, would wear on their feet, so solidly planted on the ground… and stumbled on an accessories brand which is based in Barcelona: Mus & Roew. A band of young creatives have joined forces to create a collection of shoes and bags that are useful, elegant and resistant as well as colorful and fashionable.

Barcelona Cute Suite

Touch of red

Good looking, aren’t they? Just the type of comfortable shoe a modern day heroine needs to conduct her daily business, whiteout having to forsake her good looks!

Mus & Roew came up with their name whilst doing research into the history of Barcelona’s leather manufacturers, and discovered the story of a Scottish craftsman who settled here in the 19th century together with his two pet dogs, Mus and Roew.  He was known to be of humble character and would generously share his knowledge, and so the trio were a welcome sight among the leather artisans in Ciutat Vella.

Barcelona Cute Suite

Liquid silver

Today Mus & Roew shoes are a welcome sight on the feet of any discerning tough cookie (and of course also the sweeter, gentler cookies – I wouldn’t want to discriminate!) and their bags and rucksacks look great on any arm or back…

Check out the Mus & Roew website,  find out where you can buy them here, and keep up to date on their Facebook page.

All images courtesy of Mus & Roew.

Revisiting Ada Blackjack

19 Feb
Barcelona Cute Suite

(re) Introducing Ada Blackjack!

Today we are revisiting Ada Blackjack, the brand that was created last year by Ivonne Schippers (remember her?) from her home in Barcelona. Since last year, Ivonne has been hard at work, and created additional leather goods, as well as revamped the branding and set up a new website.

What hasn’t changed for Ada Blackjack though, and that is the inspiration for both the name, style and philosophy behind this collection of gorgeous goods: a resilient Inuit woman who, thanks to her endurance and bravery, was the sole survivor of an expedition on the uninhabited Wrangel Island in northern Siberia.

Barcelona Cute Suite

Canvas rucksack

And just as enduring, resilient and tough (as well as beautiful) is the current collection of totes, rucksacks and leather goods (glasses cases and card holders) that Ivonne has created for Ada Blackjack, by hand, one by one, from her home, using natural materials and quality craftsmanship.

Wonderful, aren’t they? Check out the (brand new) Ada Blackjack website for more details and styles, shop until you drop here, and keep up to date on the Ada Blackjack Facebook page. Don’t forget to check out the blog too, for it contains gorgeous, inspirational images and illustrations which are a true reflection of the brand’s philosophy. Ah, it’s wonderful to see such a solid and coherent project moving on to become even better!

Barcelona Cute Suite

New logo and brand

All photos by Ivonne Schippers for Ada Blackjack; graphics and illustration by Tobias van Schneider en Verena Michelitsch.

Old skateboards

7 Feb

Take some old skateboards, cut them into rectangular pieces, shape them, sand them…

… and turn them into handmade sunglasses… how cool is that? Well, that is exactly what Barcelona based brand Vuerich B. does! Founded by Baptiste Vuerich, a skater himself, they found a great way to re-use those old, broken skateboards, and the result is frankly…

… gorgeous! The different layers of maple wood offer strength and flexibility, and the various colours of the artwork on the boards create endless and varied effects once the pieces have been cut, sanded and put together.

I don’t know about you, but I am dying to get my sweaty hands on a pair of these sexy sunglasses, and I am delighted that the Vuerich B. frames are also suitable for reading glasses! You can buy Vuerich B. glasses online, right here.

For more info, check out the Vuerich B. website, and for the latest news, their Facebook page here.

All images by Vuerich B.

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