nine and a half years

17 Sep

Vintage photographs of Barcelona (c) Barcelona Desapareguda

Hello everyone! Today is a special day. Noooo, not because I’m posting later than ever (sorry about that), but because today it is nine and a half years since I first settled here, in Barcelona. That calls for a bit of a celebration, right? So I thought today I’d share some vintage photographs of some favourite spots with you…

Ramblas + Port Vell © Barcelona Desapareguda

Spots which today look very different indeed, such as the flower stalls on La Rambla de les Flors (where I buy my flowers), the old port (backdrop to my efforts to keep fit) or the Rambla itself. In some cases for the sheer volume of people that populate these places today as opposed to the beginning of last century, and at others, just because they seemed so much more charming then.

Vintage photographs of Barcelona (c) Barcelona Desapareguda

At times the contrast between past and present is huge. Such as for example the beach attire at Platja de Sant Sebastià (my favourite beach in Barcelona) then and now. So very stylish in the image above, and so very bare these days, for it is now a nudist beach. Or the busty ladies going to do their groceries at La Boqueria (where I do mine too), with their shopping baskets in the crooks of their arms. Not quite the same as today’s hordes of tourists munching on plastic-wrapped fruit or cod dumplings on a stick! Nevertheless, I am very happy to call Barcelona my home, and so, with these images, wish to pay it homage in my own small way.

Vintage photographs of Barcelona (c) Barcelona Desapareguda

Hope you like the photos! They are courtesy of Barcelona Desapareguda – a delightful Facebook page that celebrates its first anniversary today and continually publishes wonderful images of Barcelona’s grand (and not so grand) past. All photos are sourced, curated and published by Giacomo Alessandro.

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