Summery pleasures

24 Jun
Simple pleasures in Barcelona's Summer

Platja de Barceloneta

After a weekend of solstice celebrations all over the world, including the noisy and fiery Nit de Sant Joan here, in Barcelona (as well as other parts of Spain), Summer is officially here. And although the weather is uncharacteristically cool at the moment, I thought I’d share with you a few of my simple, Summery pleasures. Spending lazy hours on any of Barcelona’s many beaches is a given, as is eating copious amounts of ice cream (preferably of the artisanal variety) in order to keep cool…

Simple pleasures in Barcelona's Summer

Carrer Joaquin Costa

But there are other things I enjoy, such as drinking iced coffee – a good expresso with a couple of ice cubes is all it takes – or splashing some water on my face or refilling my water bottle at one of  many drinking fountains, dotted around Barcelona. Especially, if it is a smiley one such as this one, below!

Simple pleasures in Barcelona's Summer

Ronda Universitat

Delighting in the blue skies above always makes me feel happy, so I look up often. And if palm trees are a part of what I see, then my happiness doubles.

Simple pleasures in Barcelona's Summer

Carrer Elisabets

Summer is a happy season for me, and as I am feeling so upbeat, I’ll let you in on a little secret: the delicious drink that is horchata. Served ice cold, horchata is a typical Summer drink which is sweet and cooling and nutty at the same time. It is available in bottled form in supermarkets, but the best is found at this horchata parlour on Carrer Parlament, as well as a few other ones around town, who make their own. What are your Summery pleasures?

Simple pleasures in Barcelona's Summer

Carrer Parlament


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