Cool for kids

7 May

XO in my Room

If you have been following my blog for some time now, you know that I delight in all things handmade… that is why I am very happy to share some furniture with you today that is cool for kids, and handmade in Barcelona!

XO in my Room

A team of 4 (3 brothers and a lovely lady) make up XO in my room, and between them, they take care of 10 kids, as well as design, handcraft and market the furniture they make.

XO in my Room

And they do it well, in my opinion! For they create simple furniture that is fun, colourful and sturdy. Just what kids need!

XO in my Room

XO in my room‘s handcrafted pieces are also highly practical and hard-wearing, and that shows.

XO in my Room

But they are not afraid of adding a touch of whimsy, such as the gilded swirly details at the head of these cosy beds that any kid would happily dream away in feeling like a princess or prince…

XO in my Room

I love the way they market their lovely products and style their photos, and it makes me think that they have a lot of fun conceptualising and making them at XO in my room. Good reasons to choose any of these handcrafted pieces, don’t you think? Luckily for all of us, they are available in their online store!

XO in my Room

Want to find out more? Then check out the XO in my room website and Facebook page.

(all images by XO in my room)

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