Stained beauty

6 May
Stained glass around Barcelona

Bunches – Ronda Sant Antoni

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend and are ready to kick-start the week. I have some stained beauty for you today – a few examples of the incredibly beautiful stained glass windows from around Barcelona, starting with the lovely stained glass in a bay window of a residential building…

Stained glass around Barcelona

Diamonds fit for a king – Plaça del Rei

… followed by the colourful diamonds in a couple of chapel windows and the repetitive flower pattern in the lobby of the Palau de la Mùsica.

Stained glass around Barcelona

Repetition – Palau de la Mùsica

Lovely, aren’t they?

Stained glass around Barcelona

Pretty ladies – Palau de la Mùsica

You’ve probably seen photos of the very grand stained glass ceiling of the Palau de la Mùsica before. It never ceases to cause an impression, and I too could not resist a shot when I visited it a few years ago. Last but not least, the stunning effect of the beautiful rose window as seen from behind the statue of the virgin in the Santa Maria del Mar church.  My favourite of all the churches I have seen so far.

Have a great week, everyone!

Stained glass around Barcelona

Facing – Santa Maria del Mar

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