Tea temple

25 Mar


Happy Monday! I recently stumbled on the most beautiful tea shop I have ever come across: Tealosophy, on Carrer Bonavista 3. A veritable tea temple, it exudes a sultry, enchanting atmosphere, one that plays with your senses and mesmerizes you straight away. It reminded me of the delightful temples in Hong Kong, where I lived for four years, and which I loved to visit every now and then, in order to seek some peace and soothe my soul.


Tealosophy was created by Inés Berton, a renowned “nose” who creates all the exquisite blends herself – and they are mind-blowing, trust me! – both for her shops (in Buenos Aires and Barcelona) as well as for private clients, among whom we can find the Dalai Lama himself! The ingredients are sourced from producers in Asia who, as tea growers must, are in tune with the seasons and have the utmost respect for the earth on which their prized leaves and blossoms grow.


In the beautiful shop that is Tealosphy, you can find these wonderful blends as well as assorted tea wares (pots, strainers, etc.), tea books, music and beautiful silk sachets filled with herbal blends to soothe your eyes when needed. So if wish to refresh your senses, calm your spirit, or just create a delightful moment, all you need is a few strands of delicious Tealosophy tea and some hot water…


For those of you who wish to worship at the tea temple, but who are unable to visit either of the Tealosophy shops or boutiques that sell their sensational blends, you can buy them online from the Tealosophy Market. You can find more information on the Tealosophy website and keep up with the latest news on the Tealosophy Facebook page. Enjoy your cuppa! And your week, of course! :)

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