Incarnations of Olive

18 Feb
Barcelona Cute Suite

Carrer del Sabateret

As a child I was an avid fan of Popeye and in particular of his girlfriend Olive Oyl, that strong chick who stood her ground under all circumstances. I find it interesting that, many years later, incarnations of Olive grace the streets of Barcelona in the form of graffiti. We can see her as a demure lady (covered in tattoos) or practicing yoga whilst seated on a lotus flower…

Barcelona Cute Suite

Carrer de la Palla

… or dressed in Marine whites, looking out of what could be a porthole or life-buoy frame. It’s delightful to see that she still shows that blend of femininity and strength, and thus she continues to inspire. In her honor, this week my blogposts are dedicated to those strong cookies out there who stand their ground yet don’t let go of their feminine character. Happy Monday everyone!

Barcelona Cute Suite

Carrer Ataülf

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