Hillside views

28 Jan
Barcelona Cute Suite

Steep street with stools

On a Carrer Margarit at the base of Montjuïc, there are some interesting hillside views. This part of the street is so steep, that dotted on its sidewalk are a bunch of metal stools, for people to take a seat and catch their breath, as they make their way up to the higher levels of this small mountain.

Barcelona Cute Suite

Pretty in pink

One such stool stands in front of a house, all pretty in pink and covered in pale green sgraffito details plus ditto blinds, that is only two floors high.

Barcelona Cute Suite

Green details

Swirly foliage and pretty flowers grace the walls of this lovely home and the door is daintily carved with ethereal shapes that merely hint at some kind of flowers. Its knocker, much more voluptuous, invites to tap tap and ask to be invited in to see what more beauty lies in store within the walls of this gracious house.

Barcelona Cute Suite

Knock knock

If an invitation isn’t forthcoming, then we can only resign ourselves to enjoy whatever other hillside views this spot has to offer…

Not as pink perhaps, but certainly not too bad either, for in the distance lies a prize: the glorious Sagrada Familia with its turrets and cranes pointing up to the sky.

Barcelona Cute Suite

In the distance…

Dear readers, I have a busy week ahead, with birthday celebrations and visits from family and friends. So I am going to have a mini holiday and enjoy myself and give my loved ones the attention they deserve. But not to worry! I’ll be back on Monday next week, and hope to delight you then with more Barcelona loveliness. Have a great week, everyone!

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