Happy Holidays!

21 Dec
MACBA illuminated

What a sight!

Last Friday, as I was rushing to an appointment through the rain, I was blown away by what I saw at Plaça dels Àngels. I have no idea what occasion it was representing (I was in a rush, so didn’t stop to ask) but it is super festive so I think it’s perfect to wish you all Happy Holidays!

MACBA illuminated (1)

Castellers in white

I would’ve loved to stay and see what the castellers were going to get up to, all dressed in white and illuminated with black light…

MACBA illuminated (2)

Plaça Àngels looking great!

MACBA illuminated (3)

Colourful bubbles everywhere

Wonderful, right? Each building illuminated with colourful bubbles! It really felt very festive. And the wet paving reflecting it all made it all the more gorgeous.

MACBA illuminated (4)

Psychedelic MACBA

Thank you all for taking the time to find, read, like and comment on my blog posts this year! Have a wonderful Christmas and may the new year bring you love, good health, peace and inspiration! I’m taking a bit of a break to enjoy the holidays and relaaaaaax, and will be back in January, after the Three Kings (so somewhere after the 6th of January) with more Barcelona loveliness. Jingle Jingle!

MACBA illuminated (5)

Rainy but gorgeous

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