Beware of bloodsuckers!

18 Dec
003 Bloodsuckers

Moody streets – Carrer Egipciaques

The streets are moody this time of year, and it makes you wonder… especially when you see a sign like this one (below) if it isn’t safe to say: “beware of bloodsuckers!”

002 Bloodsuckers

Vampire street – Carrer d’en Roig

001 Bloodsuckers

Bloodsuckers have arrived – Carrer Ample

Yes indeed, vampires have arrived in Barcelona, so keep your necks wrapped warmly and carry a clove of garlic on you at all times… you never know!

005 Bloodsuckers

Moody streets :: 2 – Carrer Valldonzella

… Count Dracula might just be out there, waiting to catch you unawares, for example when you stop for a drink of water. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

004 Bloodsuckers

Count Dracula – Carrer Floristes de les Rambla

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