Escala Cordial

13 Dec
Escala Cordial

Smile for the camera

Do you like t-shirts? The kind with cool prints on them? If you do, you might like the t-shirts made by Escala Cordial.

Escala Cordial (3)

Constructive tee

Based in Barcelona, Escala Cordial has just been launched, and their website has just gone live a few days ago, so this is somewhat of an exclusive for you all. And you know what? You can win one! Read on and you’ll find out how…

Escala Cordial (2)

Elegant elephant

As yet a small, but very lovely collection of tees, with prints based on either animal, urban or vintage images, all made in Barcelona. All prints are created from the original hand-painted image and applied to t-shirts in yummie colours or simple white.

Escala Cordial (1)

Cassette malfunction

Nice, aren’t they? I find it hard to choose a favourite!

Escala Cordial (6)

Crowing for attention

Escala Cordial started as C de Cordial, selling limited edition hand-painted t-shirts, and I learned about these lovely tees last Summer, when I met the artist behind them, Carmen Cordial.

Escala Cordial (5)

Handsome fella!

I have been chasing her since then, wanting to do a blog post about her tees, and so I am very happy to be able to share this new venture with you today.

Escala Cordial (4)


This collection is also limited edition, and all tees are printed on 100% cotton t-shirts in different shapes and sizes.

Escala Cordial (9)

Baby reindeer :: 2

The tees come in women’s shapes and in men’s cuts, and also in baby sizes. And that’s not all!

Escala Cordial (8)

Mini cassette

Escala Cordial (7)

Baby reindeer

Bibs are also part of the collection, and delightful totes too! They are all available from the Escala Cordial website and very inexpensive, so whip out your credit cards people and get shopping. You know you want to!

Escala Cordial (12)

Snappy tote

At the start of the post I mentioned that you can win a t-shirt. Yes indeed you can! How, you ask? It’s very simple.

Escala Cordial (10)

Antennae tote

Go to the Escala Cordial Facebook page and “like” them. Then look for their posts about winning one of the Escala Cordial tees and follow their instructions. Easy peasy, right? Good luck!

Escala Cordial (11)

Antennae tote :: 2

The winner will be announced this Sunday. And if you don’t win a t-shirt, just buy one. They’re gorgeous and you (or your friend, niece, brother, lover) are worth it. Check out the Escala Cordial website for all the different styles, prices, etc. and the Facebook page for updates and news.

All images taken by Escala Cordial.

Escala Cordial (13)

Snappy tote :: 2

(Oh and in case you’re wondering, I am not getting any money to promote Escala Cordial. I just like the t-shirts, totes and bibs and want to help reach a wider audience.)

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