BCN Handmade – Lu Ink

12 Dec
BCN Handmade - Lu Ink

The lovely Blanca and George

After taking you to Lu Ink yesterday, I thought you might like to know a bit more about the people who make most of what’s on offer there: the lovely and very creative Blanca and George.

This time, it wasn’t me who contacted them, but the other way round! I’d posted about Lamaga Prints in this post and this post (remember?) and it turns out, Lu Ink sell the quirky moustache cups and saucers that Marta makes, and through her learned of the Cute Suite blog. As you do. And like it, yay! And asked pretty please if I would like to check out their shop? And so I did, on the rainiest day we’ve had in months…

BCN Handmade - Lu Ink (1)

Behind the scenes

Equipped with wellies and a brollie, I arrived at Lu Ink, which is housed in a former workshop, on a street (Carrer Madrazo) which used to be full of traditional workshops (only one remains, a carpentry shop, next door). I received a very warm welcome and immediately felt at home, and was shown round the shop and of course their work space at the back of the shop, which leads out to a patio garden which they plan to make even more beautiful next Spring.

Blanca and George make a wide range of items, using various techniques: hand-dyed, printed t-shirts, paintings, quirky prints applied to vintage linen fabric, which is then transformed into marvelous cushions; wooden shapes which are stained or painted and given a patina or finish suited to the piece; fabric covered notebooks, printed with various messages; delightful tea mugs with humorous messages, and lots more… all with an enchanting flair that is the result of combining their Australian and Spanish backgrounds as well as their creative and technical know-how.

I think it’s best you see for yourself by visiting the Lu Ink shop, their website, or revisiting yesterday’s blog post. But for now, check out the slideshow for a peek behind the scenes, and afterwards, Blanca and George will tell you a bit about themselves in their own words.

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Where are you from?

Spain and Australia, citizens of the world.

What does Barcelona mean to you?

It’s the city where we live.

Favourite spot?

Our shop!! And our workshop!!

Favourite restaurant?

Big Fish on Carrer Amigó.


George: programmer and graphic designer. Many and varied jobs, from dismantling warehouses in New Jersey and many things related to computer graphics.

Blanca: painting, painting, painting.

How did you get here?

We fancied doing a project together.

Blanca: I started to use the computer when our son was born, as he wanted to paint my paintings.

George: I wanted to leave the virtual world and do something more tangible. That’s how we started to work out our ideas on different media, first t-shits, then cushions, then wooden objects…

What inspires you?

Everything, from cinema to rock and roll. Antiques, the lived-in. Cabinets of natural history, curiosa, television series, the countryside… antique etchings… Books. Travel. We need to travel and see different people and places.

When / how does inspiration strike?

At any moment. You can be super creative and non-stop all day, at night and anywhere. That’s why we need to always jot our ideas down.

What do you find satisfying about your making process?

Everything really, because when you’re creating something you get passionate about it and you forget everything else. And we complement each other really well – sometimes George is more technical or vice versa…

Dreams, hopes?

If you explain them they won’t come true!!!

BCN Handmade - Lu Ink (7)

Peeking around the corner

Thanks Blanca and George for inviting us into your shop and studio! I hope your dreams and hopes come true, and wish you lots of creativity and sales for many years to come!

To learn more about Lu Ink and shop from overseas, check out their website here. For regular updates, check out their Facebook page here.

Lu Ink is located on Carrer Madrazo 141,  and is open from Mon – Sat: 10am – 9pm.


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