Lu Ink

11 Dec
Lu Ink (1)

Treasure trove

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Today I am taking you to do some Christmas shopping, to Lu Ink, a treasure trove of handmade loveliness, that is located on Carrer Madrazo 141. Coming? Let’s go!

Lu Ink (2)

Mugs for all

The lovely owners, Blanca and George, are the clever sticks who make most of what is on display here, using a variety of techniques, from computer graphics to hand-painting to hand-sewing and more…

Lu Ink (3)

Art and objects

… resulting in an extensive collection 0f art and objects for your home, friends, lover, children, that friendly colleague who always lends a hand, or your neighbor, just because it’s the season to be jolly.

Lu Ink (4)

Covetable cushions

You can spend hours at Lu Ink, browsing and discovering things you’ll want to take home with you. There is heaps on offer!

Lu Ink (5)

Covetable cushions :: 2

Among my favourites are Lu Ink‘s printed cushions, made from rustic linen and sewn at the back of the shop.

Lu Ink (7)

This way

But more about that tomorrow, for now, it’s this way for more covetable items…

Lu Ink (8)

Handmade loveliness

Wreaths made from scraps of fabric or pretty printed gift bags, are but a few of the things you could get for this Christmas.

Lu Ink (9)

Art and objects :: 2

Apart from their own handmade range, Lu Ink also sell items made by other artists, both local and from abroad.

Lu Ink (10)

Bully for you and me

Whether made by Blanca and George or by others, you’re bound to find plenty of lovely things to get your holiday shopping well under way.

Lu Ink (11)

Stories to be written

So hop on an FGC train, get off at Muntaner station, and walk down a few blocks to Carrer Madrazo 141 and check out all that Lu Ink has to offer. If you go this Friday evening, you’ll be treated to some mulled wine and might run into me. How fun would that be? So what do you say, see you on Friday at Lu Ink?

Lu Ink

Carrer Madrazo 141

PS: more about Blanca and George tomorrow, in a new installment of BCN Handmade. Don’t miss it!

(And for those of you who are unable to visit their shop in Barcelona, don’t fret! You can shop online, just check out their website here.)

For news and updates, check out the Lu Ink Facebook page.

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