Two in One

4 Jul
copyright: Lisette van de Graaf

Carrer Peu de la Creu 25

In a city where, due to the current economy (among others), many shops are closing their doors and being replaced by the high street giants of our global world, it is very refreshing to see new, and different businesses open their doors. Today I have one such venture to share with you, a two in one shop, located on Carrer Peu de la Creu 25.

copyright: Lisette van de Graaf

Vintage and more

The two are Grey Street and Satan’s Coffee Corner. The one is the lovely shop space they have found on this leafy street not far from the MACBA. Don’t miss the slideshow (and more info) after the page break!

copyright: Lisette van de Graaf

Satan’s Coffee Corner

The result of this two in one, which opened just last month, is a shop that sells a variety of products that range in price and style from a pencil to vintage clothing and a take away coffee corner, that sells top quality coffee blends which change monthly and are hand picked by the lovely Marcus, and which intends to educate the palates of coffee drinkers in the neighborhood.

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I can vouch for the coffee at Satan’s Coffee Corner, for it is exquisite and prepared with love and know-how, and is worth savoring. For like wine, it has a depth of flavours with top notes and after tastes. Really, try it! Also available are packets of coffee, either ground or in grain, as well as a small selection of gorgeous coffee makers and filter bags.

As for Grey Street, the lovely owner Aimee has gathered a selection of products made by local artists (paper wares, photographs, posters, ceramics) and a small selection of good quality vintage clothes and accessories, as well as Organic Clipper teas and inexpensive items, such as pencils, rubber animals, etc. Thus, a child could pop over and spend its pocket money, while his/her mum or dad browses in the shop and enjoys a fresh brew. Unmissable are the gorgeous notebooks designed by Aimee’s sister, so be sure to ask for them.

copyright: Lisette van de Graaf

Full of beans

Satan’s Coffee Corner and Grey Street‘s two in one is located in Carrer Peu de la Creu 25. For news, check their respective Facebook pages here and here.

3 Responses to “Two in One”

  1. The Unemployable Chef July 4, 2012 at 11:48 am #

    Finally the coffee revolution is arriving here. Best coffee in Barca, easily. And I love the sneaky stools he hides under the counter.

    • Lisette July 4, 2012 at 12:41 pm #

      Sshhh don’t tell anyone about the stools, hehe!


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