Happy Easter!

22 Apr

Carrer del Carme 3

Isn’t it funny how sometimes you stumble on something that makes your day? I was running some errands yesterday, and just a couple of streets from the Cute Suite, I happened to notice this lovely shop. It’s been there for a while, on Carrer del Carme number 3, but I usually just walk past it without stepping inside…

Well that all changed yesterday! And what a lovely surprise this quaint old shop is! Dark wood, carved in organic, modernist style is combined with pretty stained glass and mirrors. I’m afraid my photos don’t do the delightful details sufficient justice, but I’ve tried to capture it as best I could.

Wood and glass

Artful décor

Just look as these pretty doors…


Modernist doorway

Shelves full of chocolate

Shelves full of chocolate

Ornate old shelving units have been maintained on one wall to exhibit their boxes of delicious chocolates. The fancy, turned wood columns alongside the glass shelves caught my attention, and as I followed them upwards, I discovered their old painted mirror signs which indicate what they sell – confectionery and chocolates.

Chocolate + sugar

Confectionery + chocolates

Continuing upwards, I then was blown away by their simply breath-taking ceiling. Delicate flowers were painted a long time ago (in 1850 to be precise) and are now just visible through a layer of patina.

Ceiling full of flowers

Ceiling details

Lushly varnished carved wood made my mouth water, for it looks very much like chocolate – wouldn’t you agree?

Tasty looking wood

Chocolate or wood?

Mini shelves

Mini shelves, maxi selection

More shelves, on the other side of the shop, show their selection to be very extensive and tempting, and also show-case a small collection of old copper chocolate jugs that were used in the past to pour hot chocolate from.

Choco jugs
Chocolate jugs
Last but not least, look at their gorgeous Easter eggs, proudly and beautifully displayed in their window. If you’re in town tomorrow, you are still on time to buy one, or two, or three… Happy easter!
Easter eggs

Monas de Pascua

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