Courtyard Calm

15 Apr
Come on in!

Entering from Carrer del Carme

I don’t know about you,  but I have had an busy week, and could do with a bit of calm…   Thankfully, I don’t have to go far, as just a couple of blocks from the Cute Suite, there is an almost ‘hidden’ courtyard between Carrer del Carme and Carrer del Hospital.

Inside, an abundance of lush greens greets all visitors,  for the courtyard is filled with various types of trees and bushes. And its pretty fountain soothes the souls of anyone who cares to listen to its calming sound.

Orange trees

The fountain

Right now, with the orange trees in bloom, the sweet perfume of orange blossom pervades the air… adding to the sense of calm that I get when I come to this lovely spot.


Orange blossom

Some time back, this delightful courtyard was a popular ‘camping place’ for homeless people, who sheltered under the arch ways that surround the courtyard. And although pretty harmless, their presence did not do much to add charm to the place. Quite the contrary, in fact.  But lately efforts have been made to turn this quiet courtyard into a place to socialise, to relax, to eat and in general, to enjoy.  It has a lot to offer!

Reading corner

Reading tables

Tables and chairs are set daily under its archways, inviting neighbours and other visitors to sit and read, while students from the Art school, Escola Massana, hang out here to sketch, make music or chat.

Sketching and chatting

Art students



White roses

Wild roses

A profusion of wild rose bushes have been allowed to invade the  fenced flower patches.  I hope the buds open soon, as it will make a visit all the more wonderful. Imagine the smell of roses competing with the perfume of Neroli!!

Art school

Escola Massana

The buildings that surround this pretty place are quite old. In fact, what used to be the Hospital de Santa Creu, started as a pilgrim’s hospice in the 11th Century and was in 1401 established as a hospital by joining 6 houses.  It functioned as such, until the early 20th Century, when the hospital moved to its new premises (well worth a visit!) nearby the Sagrada Familia.

Courtyard food

El Jardi

These days, the buildings house a local library, a renowned art school, a small theatre and an exhibition space (accessed from Carrer del Hospital), as well as a restaurant, “El Jardi“.

Lush green

Looking back…

If you are in the area, be sure to check it out, but please, don’t tell anyone about it! Let’s keep it ‘hidden’ in all its quiet delight, shall we? Have a great weekend!

Sea side gate

Doorway to Carrer Hospital

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