New ‘kid’ in town!

6 Apr

There’s a new museum in town! A most interesting private initiative, and for its owner, prestigious inventor and writer Pep Torres, a dream come true.  It is the Barcelona Ideas and Inventions Museum – the first museum of its kind in the world.

Visiting the miba promises to be a stimulating experience that awakens creativity and gets the visitors thinking….

A glass floor, giant slide, voice amplifier areas and video screens in the toilets, are some elements that have been incorporated as key elements of the museum, and are meant to communicate with the visitor, using metaphors related to team work, creativity, zero fear, and innovation.

Ideas displayed

Ideas displayed

The miba is a living space that is in a constant state of evolution, as creativity provides new and fascinating objects, ideas and technology on a daily basis.  A series of temporary exhibitions will be programmed on a regular basis
which will be grouped by concept and inform the public about all the latest trends in invention and creativity.

After an unfortunate incident, which forced them to close shortly after they opened a couple of weeks ago, the miba will reopen its doors next week. Meanwhile the shop is open to the public, and well worth a visit!

The shop offers a selection of the museumʼs top inventions as well as unique items and limited pieces found at invention fairs all over the world, or sourced directly from the inventors themselves.  Examples are: (above) the Bobble – a self-filtering water bottle – and the Simple Phone – a mobile phone that only has the basic functions to make phone calls, in a sleek package – and (below) the Bocan Roll – a smart and colourful way to wrap one’s pack lunch or snack to keep it fresh.

Packed lunch

Its a wrap!

The Singular Skates and the super gorgeous Dyson fan, are absolutely to die for (in my opinion) and so I have added both to my wish list.

Adjustable skate + Dyson fan

Great skate + Dyson fan

And also the Shuella, a protector to keep our pretty shoes safe from the inclemencies of wet or dirty weather.

Shoe protectors


After having seen all the fun products that are available in the shop, I can barely wait to check out the museum! Ooh, and try out the enormous slide that goes to the lower floor…

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