Tuesday tidbits

5 Apr
Corner shell

Corner stone

One of the things that delight me about Barcelona, is the many details on buildings.  Be they artful or quirky, old or new, permanent or temporary, they usually catch me by surprise,  and often inspire me.

This series is from shots I took last weekend, when I went to the beach.  I wandered around in the old wharf area of the Port Vell (the old port), and discovered some beautiful tidbits…

Window to the world

See through

This beautifully renovated building houses the offices of the Barcelona World Race.  I also spotted the view through this window.  If you look closely, you can see Montjuïc in the distance.

On another building, weathered bricks caught my eye thanks to the artful way in which they had been laid, and the flaking paint which offered a glimpse of times (or I should say colours) past…

Brick details

Artful bricks

Number 2

Two weathered

I simply love this weathered and cracked  sign, as it offers a wealth of textures, and the colour remains, proudly, I like to think.

Letter box


This lovely old letterbox reminded me of my first months in Barcelona, now seven years ago…  “Bustia” was one of the first Catalan words I learned at the time.


Stone flower

And maybe because it is Spring, and all things flowery are at the forefront of my mind, this pretty flower caught my eye too.  It seems so delicate in contrast with the rugged white-washed walls it is perched upon.

Nature on a window

Painted nature

Finally, back in Barceloneta, the lovely colours of this painted window at Buenas Migas. Cute, isn’t it?

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