Barrio in bloom

4 Apr
Wisteria blooms

Palm trees with a wisteria mini skirt

We continue to enjoy glorious mild and sunny weather here in Barcelona, and this morning I noticed how my ‘barrio‘ (neighbourhood) has sprung into bloom. Delicate, lilac wisteria lines the fence at a local school, at the foot of two tall and slender palm trees.

Around the corner, the street is lined with Japanese Cherry trees. Recently divested of their delicate blossom, they have sprouted leaves that have grown in a profusion of burnt umber. Lovely, don’t you think?

Leafy street

Japanese Cherry trees lining Carrer Doctor Dou

Further down the street, plants on balconies have spouted fresh, green leaves and draped their branches over and through the railings, creating a great contrast with the pink walls…

Plants draped over balcony railings

Lush balcony hangings

Pink flowers at CCCB

CCCB in pink bloom

More pink can be found in the courtyard of the nearby CCCB.  This is a great cultural centre that I’ll write about soon.  It is housed in a historical building, and has a large courtyard, that is lined on one side with trees.  I have no idea what kind of trees they are, but at the moment, they are heavy with blossoms, pods and newly spouting leaves.  Gorgeous!

This courtyard is never without flowers, by the way.  The beautiful walls (did you notice the lace-like painted detailing around the windows in the above photo?) have glazed tiles at their base which are decorated with bouquets of flowers. In some of these bunches, a phrase has been inserted. This one refers to the religious origins of the building – it says: “Man will pass like the wind;  God’s truth will remain forever.”

Flowers on tiles

Permanent blooms at CCCB

Berry in season

Strawberry graffiti

On my way home, I spotted a fruity graffiti – very fitting for this season, in which Spanish strawberries – huge, juicy and full of flavour – appear in the shops. Yummmm!


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