Summer is on its way…

3 Apr
Good morning sunshine!

Blazing sun in Barceloneta

With the day waking up to blue skies and warm temperatures, the beach beckoned this morning, so rather than spend the morning lazing around, I hopped on my bike and headed out to la Barceloneta to see what I would find…

I wasn’t disappointed. The sun was blazing in full force, warming the skin and inducing the removal of layers for the first time since last year. What a great way to start the day! Coffee and a scone sounded like a good idea, so I sat on the terrace of Buenas Migas, and whilst savouring my purchase, I had to squint my eyes to look out to sea.  Aah, such joy to be at the beach early, with little to obstruct my view – it always makes me think I should do this more often, but how many times do I just ‘forget’ to actually do this? Too often!

Beach terraces have been opened

‘Chiringuito’ on Sant Sebastià beach

Once I could tear myself away from my chair, I sat on the beach for a while, looking around, while the beach front started getting busier. I noticed that some ‘chiringuitos’ had opened (like the one in the photo above). Always a sure sign that Winter is well and truly behind us.

Barcelona salutes the sun

Yoga on Sant Sebastià beach

As the beach started filling up, I noticed a group practicing their yoga – it made me think that I’d like to take up yoga again… inspired, I asumed the lotus position – well, sort of – and started to concentrate on my breathing. I have no idea how long I sat there, but when I finally got up, I felt veeeery relaxed.

Jeu de boules

Petanca under scrutiny

The temperature was rising and flesh started to appear here and there. These gentlemen were enjoying a game of ‘petanca’ (jeu de boules) and were taking it very seriously. Comments, laughs and mock-insults were flung backwards and forwards between the contestants as they competed to be the closest to the little ball. Onlookers kept a close watch on the proceedings – only the dog was distracted by other goings-on…

Soaking up the sun

Soaking up the sun

Some people were already supine on the sand, stripped to the bare essentials and soaking up some vitamine D! Although it is one of my favourite passtimes, it was still a little too chilly for me.

But seeing the sun shimmer on the sea must surely mean, that Summer is on its way?

Sailboat in the sun

Sailing on a shimmering sea


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